Dear Runners!

Our website clock shows that there is still over 270 days left to the beginning of Wawel Cup 36. It seems that we have a lot for preparation left… yet we want to already give you the opportunity to sign up for the event. The admission fees remains the same. Last year alike, we are going to grant free admission for every 36., 136… 836…. participant ;)

During next few days we will be adding some news regarding the terrain, patners and event organisation. So we want to invite you all for the next year’s cup, which will be held in Płoki, Olkusz, Jaroszowiec and Błędowska Dessert. As organizers we will do our best to make each single one of you feel as if you were participating in the biggest Polish orienteering competition.

organizer of the competitions – WKS Wawel Orienteering Team

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