40. Wawel Cup


Merry Christmas!

We would like to wish you Merry Christmas – a lot of health, happiness and… to appearance all of you in the New Year 2023!

Wawel Cup 2022 – K.Pisarek

We present a movie from the 41st edition of Wawel Cup. We encourage to have a look!

author – Kordian Pisarek

You can find Kordian’s profile with more movies – here.

Photo albums

Next Wawel Cup edition is already behind us! As every year, we tried to set up a photo galleries from each stage. Links to Jakub Kijak’s photo albums are available below. We encourage to have a look!

Wawel Cup 2022 – stage I (J.Kijak)

Wawel Cup 2022 – stage II (J.Kijak)

Wawel Cup 2022 – stage III (J.Kijak)

Wawel Cup 2022 – Desert Dessert + stage-winner ceremonies (J.Kijak)

Wawel Cup 2022 – stage IV (J.Kijak)

Wawel Cup 2022 – stage V (J.Kijak)

Wawel Cup 2022 – final ceremony (J.Kijak)

Wawel Cup O-Shirt 2022 – orders (until tomorrow)

We would like to remind you that you can order O-shirts from the 41st Wawel Cup. We are waiting for your order only until tomorrow (13.07), at 12:00 am! The e-mail order should contain: (size, number of O-shirts, O-shirt type, telephone number, shipping address).

Contact – zawody@wawelcup.pl

Wawel Cup O-shirt means our well-liked photographer passion , means a lot of memories from summer competitions , means a chance for a great present!

Wawel Cup O-shirt – here

41. Wawel Cup Survey

Dear runners, on behalf of the organizers, I would like to ask you to fill in a short survey. I hope that thanks to your help, we will be able to create an interesting concept for the 42nd edition of the Wawel Cup!

Event Director
Michał Garbacik

41. Wawel Cup Survey – here