40. Wawel Cup



Did you think that we forget about camping on Wawel Cup 2021? Don’t worry! We are working on it! Final decision and detailed information regarding camping will be published till 13th June (one month before the event). Obviously our decision depends on pandemic situation and ruling restrictions. Stay tuned and we hope for your understanding!


There is still over 90 days left to the beginning of Wawel Cup and we already know the name of 240th participant. We are pleased to announce that the 240 runner enrolled to our competition is Aleksandr Iaroshevich from OC L-MED Tula. In consequence, he receives free entry fee. See you soon!

registration – here

Wawel Cup O-Shirt – design

Mystery solved! The main theme of Wawel Cup 2021 O-Shirt is the nettle.

More details will be published in the future. We’re asking you about your feelings, right now. Amazing, don’t you think so?

*We have also one good news for you. Nettle theme doesn’t refer to Wawel Cup 2021 terrain ; )

Due date = date of payment

This is the date of the money transfer to the organizer’s bank account that would determine if you benefit from the reduced entry fee (I, II, III due date). It is not enough to complete the registration form only.

Happy Easter!

We would like to wish you all the best for the upcoming Easter! Let this time be calm, joyful and full of hope and why not to wish ourselves be better to each other every day! Happy Easter!


We are happy to announce the 140. competitor. This time the free entrance fee goes to Tomasz Muller, the UMKS Kwidzyn representative. See you on unforgettable Wawel Cup!

registration – here

The biggest teams!

The first due date is already behind us! We have a big pleasure to present you the names of the largest teams. We also would like to remind you about a discount for clubs, which will have a number of representatives during Wawel Cup higher than: 20, 30, 40 and even 60!

1. UKS Azymut Pabianice – 34 competitors (currently 10% discount)
2. UKS Orientuś Łódź – 30 competitors (currently 5% discount)
3. Harpagan Gdańsk – 26 competitors (currently 5% discount)
4. UMKS Kwidzyn – 18 competitors
5. KS Hades Poznań – 10 competitors
5. UKS Dąb Leszno – 10 competitors
5. UMKS Orkan – 10 competitors

Can’t wait to see all of you (also the next teams)!

The last day of the registration I due date!

Time goes by so fast. Today (31.03.2021) is the registration I due date! Sign up today and benefit from lower entry fee!

In the meantime, we are counting down the days left to our competition and we are preparing more surprises for you! See you!

registration – here

Course parameters

As an organizers of Wawel Cup – real celebration of Polish orienteering, we would like to set nationwide trends. For this reason 4 months before competitons we have already planned all the courses. So we have a big plessure to present you course parameters for upcoming event! Enjoy it!


Let us remind you about our contest for free entry fee related to anniversary number 40. We are pleased to announce the first competitor who gets the free entry. Congratulations for Mariusz Portka! We can’t wait to meet the 140. participant!

registration – here