43. Wawel Cup


Stage II – terrain (Hutnianska Mountain Pass)

For Friday morning we have planned the shortest stage for you, with a relatively small number of elevation gains. The area is very well runnable, the road network is practically non-existent. In the forest you will find numerous watercourses, marshes and rock formations. This mix is intended to guarantee an unforgettable experience!

mapper: Jacek Morawski
course planner: Włodzimierz Dyzio

Stage I – terrain (Hutnianska Mountain Pass)

We start presenting descriptions of the terrain and the specifics of each stage.

The area of the 1st stage offers you struggles with typical mountain characteristics. The forest is mostly very well runnable and the road network is moderately developed. The area is crossed by 4 deep ravines, which require the selection of individual routechoices. And it is the selection of routechoices that is to be the main challenge of this stage. A stage with the characteristics of a shortened long distance race.

mapper: Wojciech Dwojak
course planner: Michał Garbacik

Food & Life – food truck and dinners

Just like last year (and during CEYOC 2022), in the competition center of the Wawel Cup you will find a food truck from the Social Enterprise Food & Life. In the food truck you will be able to order coffee, tea, as well as homemade casseroles and Belgian fries.

Additionally, we offer the possibility of ordering two-course dinners. We will inform you about the details in one of the next post, at the beginning of next week.

OnLife foundation – here

Competition office

We are providing you with the competition office opening hours. On Wednesday, the office will be located next to competition center of Stages I-III. On other days, the office will be located in the competition center of each stages.

10.07 Hutnianska Mountain Pass 7 pm – 9 pm
11.07 competition center Hutnianska Mountain Pass 11 am – 3 pm
12.07 competition center Hutnianska Mountain Pass 8 am – 9 am, 1.30 pm – 3 pm
13.07 competition center health resort park 8 am – 10 am
14.07 competition center health resort park 8 am – 9 am

„Biawena” – accommodation in Wysowa-Zdroj

For people who have not booked accommodation for the Wawel Cup yet, we have a unique offer from our partner – Wysowa Health Resort.

We invite you to Uzdrowisko Wysowa S.A. Biawena Spa Resort. Our partner offers \stays with breakfast or full board. The price of your stay includes access to the SPA zone: swimming pool with hydromassages, 3 saunas, 2 jacuzzis and a relaxation zone with a salt wall and a brine graduation tower. We encourage you to contact the reception directly.

More info – here

Registration statistics

2nd due date is already behind us! The start list includes over 450 names from as many as 12 countries. We are already looking forward to our next international meeting!

Below you will find Wawel Cup entries statistics.

1. Poland – 260
2. Hungary – 47
3. Ukraine – 45
4. Czech Republic – 38
5. Slovakia – 35
6. Lithuania – 20
7. Latvia – 5
8. Great Britain – 3
9. Hong Kong – 2
9. Finland – 2
11. Germany – 1
11. France – 1

registration list – here


We have a great pleasure to present you the main partner of our competition!

Wysowianka is natural mineral water. The extraction of underground deposits of the Wysowa-Zdroj waters began in the 18th century. Today, mineral water is drawn from 14 different estuary scattered around Wysowa-Zdroj – one of the cleanest Polish health resorts.

You can probably guess what will wait for you during the 43rd Wawel Cup!

Wysowianka – tutaj

The largest teams – update!

There are already over 450 participants on our starting list! This is a good time to update the list of the largest teams. Thank you for your trust!

1. Stowarzyszenie Team 360 stopni Warszawa – 37 competitors – currently 10% discount
2. UKS Azymut Pabianice – 33 competitors – currently 10% discount
3. Club SDS Salgótarján – 24 competitors – currently 5% discount
4. SM Gaja – 17 competitors
5. KOB Kysak – 14 competitors
6. Dnipro – 12 competitors
6. OK Jiskra Novy Bor – 12 competitors
6. PKO Harpagan Gdańsk – 12 competitors
6. KS Hades Poznań – 12 competitors
6. SZVSE – 12 competitors
6. UKS Orientpark.pl Iwiny – 12 competitors

registration list – tutaj


It’s time to present the next winner of Wawel Cup free entry fee contest. It’s Ákosné Nagy from Club SDS Salgótarján. Gratulálunk!

registration – here

Course parameters – update

We are publishing the next version of course parameters. This time you have the opportunity to analyze which age categories will compete on the same courses.