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Tourist catalogue

Wawel Cup is an orienteering event, but moreover it could be an occasion to visit tourist attractions and experience regional nature. Especially for our guests from abroad (but not only!)…


Obviously, Wawel Cup cannot lacks trainings prepared by the organizers. Taking into account that planning your accommodation you are choosing different locations, we prepared three different venues: Złoty Potok (50.684913N,…

Bulletin 1 Wawel Cup 37.

Time flies, the event will be held in less than 3 months. Therefore, we’ve published next version of the bulletin. Find out more about accommodation and the exact location of…


An awesome result! The fifth person who will receive free entry from those registered before 1st due date is Piotr Jabłoński from MUKS Junior Ochędzyn. Congrats for number 437!


Wow! We are back to work after Easter and we are happy to present the 337. participant: Magdalena Gorczyca from KS Hades. Congrats!