Awesome Bledowska Desert

Awesome Bledowska Desert

In our Moday’s news 4 weeks ago we presented the information on the stage I terrain… and it is high time for news about awesome Bledowska Desert! Wow, how this time goes quickly – there is only 71 days left to the competition!


We have yet another gift for you for the Wawel Cup 36. closure. To those who has not yet seen our previous news, below you will find parts of new Jacek Morawski’s map – we have it complete :) Stage V competition center will be located near the viewpoint at Czubatka, from what you will be able to observe emotion-laden rivalry during desert-style handicap. Beside Desert, which itself is a great attraction, there will be interesting subtle contour details, running on half-opened terrain, a bit of rocks, and if you are interested: a bath in the lake! We will do our best to make the last stage both a stunning spectacle to watch and technically challening competition!

“Generally I like this terrain very much and I consider it as one of the most unique and interesting among those I have seen in Poland, so I really hope it will be a real firecracker! :-)” – Jacek Morawski

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