Daily reminder – day 1 (11.07.2024)

Daily reminder – day 1 (11.07.2024)

So it’s time for a first day of 43. Wawel Cup, and it’s time for a set of important news.

COMPETITION OFFICE – 49.440874, 21.137699

1. We invite you to competition office between 11 pm and 3 am. Please do not come to the office “at the last minute”.

2. Sports issues

Stage 1 is ahead of us! It’s time for a race typical for a long distance. Decisive issues – correct route choices, and counting length and climb of each route choice.

– Road to the start – 1,1 km – blue ribbons.

– Road to the start is partly along an asphalt road – please be careful.

– There will be a drinking water point on one of the paths in the forest. The road to it will depend on the selection of the route choice.

– „Rodzinna” (Family) category starts till 100 start minute.

3. You can pick up dinners between 5 pm and 6 pm.

4. Cars with low chassis park on the left side of the road, the rest cars go to the field where the competition center is located. Parking staff will assist you in parking your cars.

5. There is no ATM in Wysowa-Zdrój. We advise you to have cash in advance.

And of course we wish you good luck. We hope to see all of you in a good mood!

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