Dinner orders

Thanks to cooperation with CTA Żelazko, there is a possibility to order dinner in a competition center. Meals will be prepared with meat and vegetarian versions. Please send your orders till Friday 9.07zamowieniaobiady.wawelcup@gmail.com. Order should include – days, number of people and meal version. Price for soup and main course – 25 PLN. You can take a meal voucher from the competition office.


Thursday –

SOUP – traditional polish sour rye soup

MEAT – chuck stake with potatoes and red cabbage salad
WEGETARIAN  – cabbage stuffed with rise, mushrooms and pepper with sauce

Friday –

MEAT – pea soup, chicken leg with potatoes and salad (napa cabbage, cucumber, tomatoes and pepper)
WEGETARIAN  – mixed vegetable soup + potato pancakes with mushroom sauce and salad

Saturday –

SOUP – cucumber soup with potatoes ,

MEAT – chicken breast with potatoes and cucumber salad
WEGETARIAN – dumplings with strawberries

Sunday –

SOUP – tomato soup

MEAT – pork loin with potatoes and fried cabbage
WEGETARIAN – potato pancakes with mushroom sauce and salad

Simultaneously, from Thursaday to Sunday there will be the possibility to buy meals in CTA Żelazko counter. You can order grilled dishes and cold beverages there. We would like to emphasise it one more time – get ready for a summer adventure!