Just like last year (and during CEYOC 2022), in the competition center of the Wawel Cup you will find a food truck from the Social Enterprise Food & Life. In the food truck you will be able to order coffee, tea, as well as homemade casseroles and Belgian fries.

Additionally, we offer the possibility of ordering two-course dinners. Meals in a vege and meat version will be available during all 4 days in competition center.

We are waiting for your orders until Thursday 4.07.

E-mail address – Price – PLN 35. You can pick up tickets for dinner in the competition office.


Day 1 (11.07)

Soup: vegetables cream
Main course: baked chicken breast with mozzarella and tomato, rice
Vegetarian version: vegetable ratatouille with rice

Day 2 (12.07)

Soup: tomato cream with roasted peppers and basil
Main course: turkey breast in cream sauce, bulgur
Vegetarian version: bulgur with dried tomatoes and vegetables

Day 3 (13.07)

Soup: Cauliflower soup
Main course: Baked chicken in dill sauce with vegetables, mashed potatoes
Vegetarian version: Spinach muffins with garlic and dill sauce, potatoes roasted with herbs

Day 4 (14.07)

Soup: Zucchini Cream Soup
Main course: chopped cutlet with chicken, eggs and parsley, couscous with vegetables
Vegetarian version: Peppers baked with vegetables, mozzarella cheese and couscous

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