Wawel Cup 2017 in numbers!

Wawel Cup 2017 in numbers!

It is already two weeks after the competition. The excitement calmed down so it’s time for a bit of statistics!

4 – this number stands for the number of continents represented during our event. Apart from competitors from Europe, we hosted runners from South America, Asia and Oceania.

5 – it was fifth edition, held in 5 days formula (small jubilee)

21 – that many flags waved in the competition center. Wawel Cup is an international event.

36 – Wawel Cup has been held uninterrupted since 1982. Our mapper & course planner (Wlodzimierz Dyzio) participated in the organization of the very first competition.

80 – that many people from WKS Wawel – orienteering team were involved in organizing the event. Huge project!

89 – this is the number for posts published in both languages on our website and fanpage. We hope that you are interested in following the information that keeps being posted here!

90 – this is the age of our oldest (Mrs Zielczyńska) competitor, who participated in this year’s Wawel Cup. Chapeau bas!

844 – this is the number representing the total number of participants during this year event. This is a huge success of everyone involved in the promotion of event! Thank you for trusting us and we hope to see you next year!

915 – we have these many ‘likes’ on our fanpage. Thank you for believing in us and we are waiting for 1000!

1161 – this number equals to the number of e-mails on our inbox – zawody@wawelcup.pl We always try to have an individual approach towards our competitors and to help clarify all doubts.

2042 – the number of files in Wawel Cup 2017 folder.

See you next year!

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