Wawel Cup 2019 – vision

Wawel Cup 2019 – vision

Together, we will create a real celebration of orienteering! We have a vision of an event respected in Poland and recommended by athletes from abroad. Event with tradition, looking for modern solutions at the same time. Various areas, good maps, interesting courses and excellent atmosphere. We strive to make the Wawel Cup remain and become a „holiday competition with class”.

Listening to your opinions after the previous (groundbreaking) edition, we would like to take care of every detail. During Wawel Cup, we’ll take care to every athlete feels special!

This year’s event is organized exactly on the 100th anniversary of the WKS Wawel foundation. The celebration of centennial is another perfect reason for joy! Wawel Cup 2019. returns to the capital of Polish kings, with deep ravines and large rocks areas, a lot of puzzles to solve in AGH corridors, and above all… fun!

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