40. Wawel Cup


Trail Orienteering

Similarly to last year, we are planning a few additional events during 40. edition of Wawel Cup. Along with “Na Ratunek” (“To the Rescue”) Foundation we decided to organize a Trail Orienteering during stage IV. It is mainly addressed to competitors with disabilities, but we encourage every Wawel Cup participant to give it a try!

Trail Orienteering

Model Event – Żelazko

Our come back to Jura means come back to Żelazko which is like Polish Orienteering “Mecca”. This is the place when we organise training field, available to you as of Monday. Rocky terrains with diverse runnability might be a good warm-up before the Polish Orienteering feast.

Similarly to last years, we will prepare two trainings for you (Monday, Tuesday) in the form of Model Event. You will get to familiarize yourself with the map paper and print. At the finish line you will get a printout with split times. The Model Event results will be published on our website. What is ahead of you are two stages in the different parts of the forest. You can choose from 3 courses with differentiated level of length/difficulty.

Model Event – here

II stage – Rodaki


After a 9 year-long gap, we are coming back to Jura, to one of the most interesting and most diversified terrains. Rodaki is about the large number of rocky formations, half-opened terrains, as well as diversified forms of the terrain. Long distance run during second day will be the icing on the cake of next Wawel Cup!

I stage – Bledowska Desert

Same as last year, we would like to share with you information about each stage . It’s time for the first one!


At the very beginning, Wawel Cup 2021 competition comes back to Błędów Desert. This time in a form of mass start with many control points. Our cherry on the top is the location of competition center – one of the most attractive location in the history. The compass rose located in desert will stay in every participant’s memory for long!


One more time, we would like to present competition location maps. Everything (apart from 1st stage) will be placed in one locality. Let these five days be full of great holiday and sportive mood!


40. Wawel Cup – tip

2021 Żelazko – ???
2020 Podlesice – 756
2019 Kraków – 890
2018 Podlesice – 1099
2017 Klucze – 816
2016 Kraków – 526
2015 Kraków – 523
2014 Złoty Potok – 561

Look at the last 8 years attendance. And (similar as 3 years ago), we have a small contest! Try to guess how many participants will be present on 40. Wawel Cup. Type in comments – winner will start in 41. Wawel Cup for FREE! You can pick out till the end of the month, the edited comments won’t be taken into account.

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So… let’s come back!

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Wawel Cup 2021 is about the return to Jura Krakowsko-Czestochowska; to the place which is unambiguously associated with Orienteering. We will start the competition with the mass start on Bledowska Desert and for the next four days we will face interesting and diverse terrains with lot of rocks. Loads of attractions, additional contests, handicap, emotions, medieval castles, rocks and fore-most… good fun – this mixture will let every competitor remember Wawel Cup for long!


Trail Orienteering Online

During Wawel Cup you can join our online competition in Trail Orienteering. In the course of the game you will get the chance to visit the rock formations and castles settled in Polish Jurassic Highland. To register, please put your email on the Orientharper website. Daily, starting from July 9th (Thursday) until July 11 (Saturday), we will send you to your email direction the login instruction. The last one will be sent on Saturday at 8 pm. You can take part in the competition only once.

registration – here

Facebook event – here

There is no usual entrance fee. Instead of that, we kindly ask you to make a free donation for the foundation Na ratunek!

Bank transfer title – ‘Donation Wawel Cup Trail Orienteering’
Bank account – ‘Orientacja precyzyjna osób niepełnosprawnych’
PL 93 8805 0009 0047 9314 2000 0080

Decision time!

Dear runners,

1) In reference to the current pandemic situation and big uncertainty of the legal issues which may occur during the summer, we’ve decided to postpone for the next year the idea of 5-days Wawel Cup (Zelazko and surroundings, Błędów Desert). We hope that next year we will create a real celebration of Polish orienteering!

2) Despite the current situation, it’s really important for us to continue our long-term tradition. The formula of the event depends on the legal and pandemic situation on July. We are taking into consideration „quite-normal” competition or only training with SI. This year we want to come back to the 3-days formula and concentrate on preparing demanding stages in the heart of Jura’s rocks.

10.07.2020 – Mirów-Niegowa
11.07.2020 – Skały Rzędkowickie
11.07.2020 – Trail Orienteering Online
12.07.2020 – Morsko

We hope that you will be able to spend nice, family weekend on Jura! What’s more sport’s rivalry will be on high level. (We will definetly focus on this part of competition.)

We also would like to emphasise that orienteering interval form perfectly fits to social distancing idea. During orieentering race you can take care of your physical and mental health!

We will inform you about the details of this year edition very soon.

3) Last but not least, we would like to inform that all person who already paid for 5-days Wawel Cup, would be contacted via phone/e-mail. We will set the conditions of entry fee refunding/postponing. We hope for your understanding in this matter.