38. Wawel Cup


Wawel Cup Finish Contest – results

1. Katarzyna Ślusarczyk 21+19+7+10=57
2. Katarzyna Ciszek 20+21+8+12=61
3. Hanna Sudoł 22+20+8+12=62
3. Petra Holeckova 22+24+6+10=62
5. Iga Muller 20+25+8+13=66
6. Zuzanna Gielec 22+24+8+13=67

1. Mateusz Dzioba 15+18+5+8=46
2. Michał Kalata 17+17+6+9=49
3. Moser Florian 16+20+7+11=54
3. Oleksand Lytvyn 17+19+8+10=54
3. Grzegorz Wójcik 17+20+7+10=54
6. Dawid Gładecki 19+19+6+11=55

Ze sportem mi do twarzy – competitor packages

Since the race tomorrow on Sunday is part of the “Ze sportem mi do twarzy” events, every competitor (WM10-20, without WM10N, WM10R) will get a package with their bib number and some gadgets. We ask the team leaders to pick up the packages for their club starting from 7:45 am. Having your number at the start is obligatory. Have fun!

Dear runners,

During today’s third stage of the Wawel Cup an unfortunate accident took place in the forest. As a result, death was suffered by a long-time participant of orienteering events, an experienced competitor from the masters category.
For the whole of our orienteering society it is a huge loss. Our thoughts are with his family and loved ones.

The organizers.


#breakingnews – at the very end of counting down to the competition! It’s with pleasure to announce our last partner. Decathlon Zakopianka prepared equipment for you to test in the forest (compasses and control description holders). Part of the equipment will already be available today. The main stand will be at the Kraków Błonia fields on Sunday. See you there!