38. Wawel Cup



There is less and less time left, the clock on our website is ticking faster and faster…, and we are happy to announce the 338. competitor. This time the free entrance fee goes to Anna Korek the UKS Grom Sokolniki representative. See you on unforgettable Wawel Cup!


Las Orlej 1994

Time for the next samples of what awaits you in the forest during the 38th edition of Wawel Cup. This time we publish old maps, on which the various stages will be held (with the exception of the Kobylańska Valley, because orienteering competition will take place here for the very first time). We start with Las Orlej, the place where the last big competitions took place in the previous century.

We would also like to remind you, that all areas where the Wawel Cup will take place have been closed. “Any form of orienteering or land penetration is considered to be a violation of the map or terrain closure clause.”  

Please remember that “Everything can happen!” during Wawel Cup!

The largest teams!

The time of end of first due date for registration is a good opportunity to remind about the discounts for sport clubs that are available to teams above 20, 30 and 40 competitors. For the time being, the largest registered teams are:

1. UKS Orientuś Łódź 34 competitors (currently 10% discount)
2. UMKS Kwidzyn 25 competitors (currently 5% discount)
3. MKS MOS Wrocław 18 competitors
4. O-Kompas 17 competitors
5. ALNIS OK – JNSC 16 competitors
6. UKS Azymut Pabianice 14 competitors


We are waiting for more sport clubs and 338. competitor. More information & surprises to come!     

Fourteen countries!

The spring is almost in the full swing, March changed into April, so we can officially advise on the end of first phase of registrations. As each year, the closer to the due date, the more registration we received! We are happy to present four new flags that will be waiving in the competition center during Wawel Cup. During our international feast we will see the teams from Denmark, Latvia, Romania and Switzerland. We are looking for even more registrations and new flags, we hope to see you there!



This is the last day before the first due date! We are happy to announce yet another person who will get the free entry! This is Zbigniew Mądrzyński from UMKS Kwidzyn. All the best when hunting for 338. registration!


Wawel Cup backstage

We encourage you to follow our photo album prepared for 38. Edition of Wawel Cup. The photo published there will show organizers’ work, in short: Wawel Cup backstage. For the beginning: a couple of photos from the forest!


The time left to our competitions is running fast so we are delighted to present you yet another runner who will benefit from free entry fee. (Remember that we want to give you as many of those free packages as possible!) The lucky one is Agnieszka Janas representing UKS Kometa Gliwice. We can’t wait for another 38.


Bulletin 1 38. Wawel Cup

The next version of the bulletin will include location maps and 4 accommodation offers. We encourage everyone to have a look, especially those that haven’t seen bulletin 0. Please remember that “Everything can happen!” during Wawel Cup.