40. Wawel Cup


Model Event – Żelazko/Śrubarnia

Our come back to Jura means come back to Żelazko which is like Polish Orienteering “Mecca”. This is the place when we organise training field, available to you as of Monday. Rocky terrains with diverse runnability might be a good warm-up before the Polish Orienteering feast.

Similarly to last year, we will prepare two trainings for you (Monday, Tuesday) in the form of Model Event. You will get to familiarize yourself with the map paper and print. At the finish line you will get a printout with split times. The Model Event results will be published on our website. What is ahead of you are two stages in the different parts of the forest. You can choose from 3 courses with differentiated level of length/difficulty.

Model Event

Trail Orienteering

Similarly to last year, we are planning a few additional events during 38. edition of Wawel Cup. Along with “Na Ratunek” (“To the Rescue”) Foundation we decided to organize a Trail Orienteering during stage IV. It is mainly addressed to competitors with disabilities, but we encourage every Wawel Cup participant to give it a try!

OPEN – everyone regardless sex, age or level of disability.
PARA – competitors, which disability affect movement possibilities to a large extent.

registration form – here

entry fee – free donations for foundation “Na ratunek”

39. Wawel Cup location

It’s time for our usual Wawel Cup location map. Every five stages location is to be found there, as well this of Model Event or Rocky Sprint. Moreover, you can find the place for parking and camp field for your tent. As you can easily notice, everything is really close to one another, in the heart of Polish orienteering Mecca. Let these five days be full of great holiday and sportive mood!

Polish Orienteering Association

We’re pleased to announce, that our event is on the list of the biggest and most important competitions in Poland (ranking with higher rate). We are happy to cooperate with Polish Orienteering Association, and we look forward to broader partnership in future! See you in July!


V Stage – Hulasko


At the very end of the event, the runners will compete in handicap run. Thanks to very good runnability in the forest, runners will be able to develop higher speed. One will have to have their finger on the pulse due to the big number of elements in the terrain and rocks and… the excitement related to final start!

Partner Event – Polish Championships Ultralong

We are pleased to introduce the partner event of Wawel Cup 2020. Polish Championship will take place in picturesque Jura terrain (well-known from 37. Wawel Cup). Sportswise, we would like to provide the most challenging courses, with many routechoices and forks. Ultralong Polish Championship is also a good opportunity for training before Wawel Cup 39. which this year returns to the very center of Jura!

More information, including the bulletin, to be found on the website wawelbno.pl

IV Stage – Grochowiec


4th day of Wawel Cup will be about yet another middle run. The competition will be held on four hills and what you will find there is… a lot of rocky formations! Some of them will be placed on half-opened terrains, the rest will be hiddened in Jura’s vegetation. Please expect a challenging rocky middle!

III stage – Świniuszka


Next stage is yet another day with rocky fun! Following Wikipedia: Świniuszka is a hill, covered by loads of rocks and caves”. You will experience a short stage with a map with enlarged scale… and control points nearly almost every feature!

II stage – Rodaki


After a 8 year-long gap, we are coming back to Jura, to one of the most interesting and most diversified terrains. Rodaki is about the large number of rocky formations, half-opened terrains, as well as diversified forms of the terrain. Long distance run during second day will be the icing on the cake of next Wawel Cup!