42. Wawel Cup


Photo service

It’s time to publish another hot news! We have a big pleasure to announce that Jakub Kijak will be present during all 5 days of competitons! We will prepare a huge dose of shots for you. This is another great reason to participate in Wawel Cup!

The list of deadlines

The time left until the start of the competition is running out! So we remind you the list of Wawel Cup Deadline.

42. Wawel Cup registration (till 20.06) – here

Registration for Model Event (till 20.06) – here

Registration for Trail Orienteering (till 20.06) – here

Renting SI (till 20.06) – here

Dinner orders (till 20.06) – here

Merging categories

After analyzing the number of registrations within each age category, we decided to merge the following categories:

W10N + M10N -> WM10N

We wish good luck to all competitors!

Last week of registration!

Time is chasing us – It’s the Fnal Countdown! So we would like to remind you that you can register for the 42nd Wawel Cup only until 20.06 midnight. See you soon!

registration – here

Waste sorting

Similarly as last years, during 42. Wawel Cup, we will implement waste sorting into the following categories: plastic, glass and mixed waste. We ask the team leaders to share the topic with their team members.


During this year’s edition of the Wawel Cup, we want to return to the preparation of the Wawel Cup Kindergarten. In this way, parents will be able to take advantage of care for their children during their race. Kindergarten regulations will be published at a later date. See you soon!

Take your own water bottle!

Outdoor events often generate extra amount of waste. Therefore, we would like to encourage you to bring your own water bottle/mug to the finish line. We hope that thanks to such effort we will reduce the amount of waste produced. Thank you in advance for your mobilization!

GPS Coordinates

We present GPS coordinates of each stage. At the same time we would like to emphasize that parking may be difficult in the area of ​​the 1st and 2nd stage. (the pin indicates the location of the competition center, where there is no car park). There is a Paid Parking Zone in the vicinity of the competition centers of the first and second stages. Recommended access by public transport.

Competition Office 27.06 – 50.082333, 19.881433

Model Event – 50.001204, 20.001297

I stage – 50.048337, 19.943414

II stage + Trail Orienteering – 50.038053, 19.958960

III & IV stage – 49.928059, 19.870216

V stage – 50.060097, 19.845893

Cracow paid parking zones – here

Dinner orders

We would like to inform you about the possibility of ordering dinners during the upcoming event. Meals will be prepared by our partner (known from last year’s edition of CEYOC) Food & Life Social Enterprise. Meals in a vege and meat version will be available during 3 days – in areas located outside the center of Cracow (Friday-Sunday).

We are waiting for your orders until 20.06. (end date for competition registration) E-mail address – zamowieniaobiady.wawelcup@gmail.com. Price – PLN 35. You can pick up tickets for dinner in the competition office.


III stage (30.06)
meat meal → rice with vegetables and chicken, salad with fresh vegetables and vinaigrette
veggie meal → rice with vegetables and mozzarella, salad with fresh vegetables and vinaigrette

IV stage (1.07)
meat meal → pork stew with vegetables and bulgur, coleslaw
veggie meal → vegetable stew with chickpea and bulgur, coleslaw

V stage (2.07)
meat meal → couscous with vegetables and  turkey meat, greek salad with olive oil
veggie meal → couscous with vegetables and spinach, greek salad with olive oil