43. Wawel Cup


WKS Wawel Orienteering Team

We are starting the presentation of the Wawel Cup organizers, partners, sponsors… WKS Wawel Orienteering Team is invariably a main organizer of 43. Wawel Cup. 42 years of Wawel Cup history are already behind us, we are waiting for more beautiful years!

We encourage you to follow our fanpage where we share more about our sporting achievements (as well as another activities organized by WKS Wawel) – WKS Wawel – Orienteering Team.

First due date!

March means a month with I due date for 43. Wawel Cup registration! We are waiting for your applications (I due date) until 31st March at midnight. We can’t wait to see you again!

This is the date of the money transfer to the organizer’s bank account that would determine if you benefit from the reduced entry fee (I, II, III due date). It is not enough to complete the registration form only.

registration – here

Model Event – Wysowa-Zdrój

As every year, the Wawel Cup cannot miss the opportunity to take part in the training preceding our competition. This time, we invite you to Wysowa-Zdroj itself for our traditional training with SI. Model Event will be held in the area adjoining IV & V stage. Orienteering in mountainous terrain means rivalry with significant elevation. It’s a good warm-up before the upcoming competition!

Model Event – here

Subscribe Wawel Cup channel

We encourage you to subscribe Wawel Cup channel.

You will find there this year’s bulletin, GPS tracking from previous editions, as well as movies from other WKS Wawel competitions.

Wawel Cup channel – here

Below you can take a look on 41. Wawel Cup promo.

Location map

It’s time to present the location map of this year’s Wawel Cup. You will find here the locations of all five stages, Trail Orienteering and camping. We will publish more and more info soon!

Team classification

During this year’s edition of the Wawel Cup, we will conduct the classification of the best teams for the thiird time in a row. Cups (and sweat surprise) are waiting for the best clubs. Good luck to all teams!

The rules will be the same as during previous editions.

rules – here


Let us remind you about Wawel Cup contest!

Additionally, as in the past, during Wawel Cup 2024 it will be possible to win a free entry. If you are 43rd, 143rd, 243rd (…) person on the entry list, we are pleased to offer you the participation without any entry fee!

registration – here

Discounts for clubs

We have a special offer for clubs, which will have the number of representatives during Wawel Cup higher than: 20, 30, 40 and even 50.

more than 20 people – 5%
more than 30 people – 10%
more than 40 people – 15%
more than 60 people – 20%

Attention! Club discount can only be offered in case of registration and payment made by the club. Individual registration will not be added to the club discount.

Trail Orienteering

We can call it as Wawel Cup tradition. Similarly to last years, we are planning to organize additional competition to promote idea of Trail Orienteering. It is mainly addressed to competitors with disabilities, but we encourage all of you to give it a try! Together we will break the Trail Orienteering attendance record.

registration – here