ZAZU Group Contest!

Like every year, the Wawel Cup cannot miss the contest with the ZAZU Group! This time, our partner funded two vouchers, each worth PLN 200, which can be used in the store. Again, it’s about the finish! The person with the fastest finishes during all 5 stages (times will be sumed up) will be the winner! In case of the same time the following factors will decide: the place in the overall Wawel Cup classification, the loss to winner, or in the case of winning the advantage over the next player. Good luck! Let the FASTEST win!



Waste sorting

During this year Wawel Cup, we will implement waste sorting into the following categories: plastic, glass, aluminum, paper, plastic bottle tops and organic waste. This information will be included in the bulletin and repeated throughout the event. We ask the group leaders to share the topic within their teams.


A few days before the start of our competitions, we are pleased to present you our next partner – WSP “Społem”. Kielecki Mayonnaise has been accompanying us for a few years and this year will again support us financially. See you soon!



We introduce the next partner of Wawel Cup with big pleasure. Wawel Cup 37. is another event that insurance company Warta will support us financially. Warta offers a wide variety of insurance policies, including property insurance policies and life policies. We are happy that their support will help us to organize the biggest five-days competitions in Poland.

Course parameters

All courses are ready, it is now time for long-awaited course parameters! Since there is only two hours left to the registration deadline, we extend the allowable time to use the form. Potential changes to categories will ONLY possible till tomorrow 12 noon.

Lech Free

Time left to the competition goes by so quickly! Meanwhile, we present you next partner of Wawel Cup 37.! We are delighted to inform that each of the adult competitors will be greeted at the finish line with a can of non-alcoholic beverage – Lech Free!


Wow! The result exceeded our wildest expectations! Right before the end of registrations the number of sign-ups is reaching the magical one thousand! 937. competitor is Julia Kosicka from OK!Sport.