38. Wawel Cup


Wawel Cup Finish Contest

Like every year, the Wawel Cup cannot miss the contest for the fastest! Again, it’s about the finish! The person with the fastest finishes during all 5 stages (times will be sumed up) will be the winner! In case of the same time the following factors will decide: the place in the overall Wawel Cup classification, the loss to winner, or in the case of winning the advantage over the next player. Good luck! Let the FASTEST win!

prize – this time it will be surprise!

LKS Victoria Zalas

We are pleased to announce yet another partner of 38. Wawel Cup, this time it’s Victoria Zalas Sport Club. Victoria is a host of first two stages. They also prepare catering for tomorrow’s feast! See you there!

LKS Victoria Zalas

“Ze sportem mi do twarzy”

One of the stages of the series “Sport suits me” will take place during stage V. This action accompanies us throughout the 100th club anniversary year and relates to competitions of different WKS Wawel disciplines Honorary Patronage – Marshall of Malopolska Voivodeship Witold Kozlowski and Mayor of Krakow Jacek Majchrowski.

We will have separate results for categories WM10-20 during stage 5 – just the stage 5 time result will determine the winners. Interval start.

The winners ceremony for this run is planned at 1:30pm.

bulletin 2 38. Wawel Cup

There are only final hours left to the competition. It’s time to publish the last bulletin. Please familiarize yourself with the content. Technical bulletin tomorrow.


Wolski Forest – terrain

The terrain for Model Event this year is a mix of all 5 stages. Wolski Forest is close to stage V location. What you will find in the forest are deep and diverse valleys (stage I and II) and various rock formations (stage III and IV). In the forest you will find also a high grass. Runnability is generally very good. The road network is well developed.

2D run

Looking at last years GPS tracking interest, we decide to resign from live GPS tracking and go on with 2D run. In a special tent, all of you will be able to upload your track from GPS. Thanks to it we can focus on evening orienteering analysis and observe rivalry in all categories. 2D run analysis will be available on our website and fanpage.