And the dessert is as usual a handicap start. The run will start next to the castle in Mirów, the finish line will be located in Bobolice. Two castles from XIV century will accompany us throughout this run with the history in the background. The spectator control point will be there along with GPS, radio control and exciting comments from our speaker. At the end, we are planning a technically demanding stage and real sport rivalry.

This time the terrain will be dominated by the well runnable forest with rocks and stones. The last part of the course, that will be led along Grzęda Mirowsko-Bobolicka, maybe the decisive one. We will see!

mappers – Jacek Morawski, Wojciech Dwojak

course planner – Michał Garbacik

Happy New Year!

Happy new year! We wish you all the best: serenity, prosperity and fitness.

As every year, we give you a small gift :) It’s a map showing location of each stage:

Now it’s time for New Years Eve, but as soon as new year begins, expect many more news about Wawel Cup 37.!


Wawel Cup’s maps will be made according to the latest mapping standard – ISOM2017 for forest stages, and ISSOM2010 for the sprint one. Our cartographers – Włodzimierz Dyzio, Wojciech Dwojak and Jacek Morawski – will be using OCAD ver. 12, which is the newest as well. You can see few significant changes on the image below…

…and more, you’ll see in new issue of Bieg na orientację Magazine, where Jacek Morawski is sharing his knowledge about new mapping standards.

Between the Castles

The fourth stage will add the flavour to Wawel Cup 37. The new sprint map by Jacek Morawski and Wojtek Dwojak, plenty of control points among two castles, beatiful scenery of Grzęda Mirowsko-Bobolicka. A lot of attractions for one day!

The terrain won’t lack of rocks. This time the competition will be held in the half-open terrain, runability will be mainly heavily limited.

mappers – Jacek Morawski, Wojciech Dwojak
course planners – Marcin Biederman


During third stage our runners will be able to develop higher speed. The route will be led through flat terrain, dominated by subtle contour details. There will be no shortage of rocks and stones!

In the contrast, in the afternoon there will be a real surprise waiting for you! More information soon, but let us reveal a bit of this secret by sharing the uploaded part of the map.

mapper – Włodzimierz Dyzio

course planner – Włodzimierz Dyzio


Rzędkowickie Rocks

On the second day we will move beyond second part of the road. The main attraction of this stage will be the Rzędkowickie Rocks, which are calcareous rocks locates in the western part of the map. In terms of sport: the competitors will face shortened long distance, our main mapper and course planner Włodzimierz Dyzio won’t let them get bored!

The terrain comprises of big number of calcareous rocks and stones. Additionally the southern part of map will be marked by numerous ravines, the runnability is partially limited. It sounds like a tough running!

mapper – Włodzimierz Dyzio

course planner – Włodzimierz Dyzio

Kroczyckie Rocks

We’ll be publishing map samples and terrain description every Monday. Firstly, let us tell you something about Kroczyckie Rocks.

When organizing Wawel Cup, we are looking for a new solutions. One of the novelties during Wawel Cup 37. will be mass start run with forks for WM14-55 category. Wawel Cup will be opened with long distance, the rest will the flow ;)

Our competitors will be able to find in the terrain what they like the most – rocks, stones, monadnocks, cracks and caves. There will be a lot going on!

mapper – Włodzimierz Dyzio

course planner – Włodzimierz Dyzio

Villa Verde Congress & SPA – accomodation offer

Villa Verde Congress & SPA**** is a modern hotel located in the very heart of Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska. The hotel has 166 modern rooms, 2 restaurants serving excellent cuisine, a cosy café, a Water Park, play room, bowling and a year-round Grill Hut. All these, make perfect place for family holidays in high standard. Feel invited to see photos and website of Villa Verde Congress & SPA****
We are happy to inform you that our partner, Villa Verde Congress & SPA**** prepared attractive offer especially for Wawel Cup competitors.
night with HB (half board – breakfast and dinner):
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*superior room 425,50 PLN per night
*apartament 483 PLN per night
night with breakfast:
*room for one 208 PLN per night
*room for two 256 PLN per night
*additional bed 100 PLN per night
*family room 480zł PLN per night
*superior room 336 PLN per night
*apartament 416 PLN per night

Course of the Year 2017 – voting

Do you remember tricky course at map with plenty of pits at Wawel Cup 36.? If you liked it, please give a vote on Wawel Cup 36., stage 3 (course planner: Włodzimierz Dyzio) at Course of the Year 2017 plebiscite. All voters can win valuable prizes (e.g. free entry fee, free accommodation and Wawel Cup 37. T-shirt). Well, let’s do it!

Course of the Year 2017