38. Wawel Cup


2 days behind us!

Long courses, lot of sun and lot of emotions! First two days of running are already behind us! Are your ready for yet another 3 days of emotions? Tomorrow is the middle run in Podlesice and Rocky Sprint! On Saturday we will be moving to Bobolice! There will be a lot going on!



GPS links – II stage


1. Jacek Nowak
2. Przemysław Czapla
3. Szymon Ławecki
4. Marek Kuryj
5. Pavel Svadlena
6. Andrii Lysenko
7. Tomasz Czapla
8. Krzysztof Mol
9. Stanisław Słowiej
10. Radosław Balmowski
11. Damian Dutkiewicz
12. Paweł Lendzioszek


1. Katarzyna Konc
2. Bohdana Heczkova
3. Olga Syvoronova
4. Karolina Dudziak
5. Maria Marszałek
6. Olga Makarova
7. Renata Havrdova
8. Ida Baluskova
9. Jana Sklibova
10. Yuliya Semenova
11. Jana Kronikova
12. Olena Sherenkovska

GPS links

W18 – here

1. Stepanka Kronikova

2. Agnieszka Mazurek

3. Rose Riby

4. Veronika Sklibova

5. Julia Susek

6. Linn Mei Waaler

W21E – here

1. Barbara Bączek-Motała

2. Marlena Borychowska

3. Paulina Cygler

4. Dagmara Dominiak

5. Julia Goldmann

6. Ewa Gwóźdź

M18 – here

1. Elias Bergenfur

2. Bruno Deredos

3. Dawid Kalisiak

4. Konrad Płóciennik

5. Mateusz Rosłaniec

6. Michal Svadlena

M21E – here

1. Aleksander Bernaciak

2. Tomas Dlabaja

3. Jacek Morawski

4. Piotr Paszyński

5. Radosław Piotrowski

6. Rafał Podziński

GPS coordinates

To err is human, therefore we would like to admit to an error. Our website was indicating for a few hours an incorrect GPS coordinates for stage I – we apologise! As we don’t want anyone to get confused, we remind that the competition center will be located in the Ostaniec Hotel.

GPS coordinates:
I stage, II stage, III stage, Rocky Sprint – 50°34’01.9″N, 19°32’12.6″E 
IV stage, V stage – 50°36’44.4″N, 19°29’25.9″E


This is time to present yet another (the last one) Wawel Cup 37. sponsor! Similarly to the previous years, we can count on the financial help from law firm Forystek & Partners. They are specializing in law services for large busisness entities and they are top-ranked among law firms in Malopolska region. We encourage you to visit our sponsor’s website.


technical bulletin

The courses’ parameters are available on our website for a few days already, meanwhile, we would like to share long-awaited technical bulletin. What’s in it: road to start or location of water distribution point etc. Let’s have a look!


The training control points will be available in the forest as of tomorrow (Monday) 12 noon. Each of the two maps will offer three training courses. Roads and green areas were removed from Morsko map. Maps are available at Gościniec Jurajski (Podlesice) or ar the WKS Wawel office at 3 Podchorążych street (Cracow). Training map price: 5 PLN.

Złoty Potok : (50.684913N, 19.410314E)

Morsko: (50.554120N, 19.517966E)

Elementary School in Kroczyce – information

We would like to remind about the possibility of accommodation on the floor or gymnastic hall in Kroczyce. Additionally, please be informed that it is possible to order a lunch (Thursday, Friday, Saturday), which will be served by cooks from school canteen. 2 course lunch costs 16 zloty, you can order only 2nd course – 14 zl. Person responsible for the school facilities during the event is Anna Karnia-Biskupska (+48 507 745 366).


50.562389 N, 19.575585 E

Please send the registration for accommodation an lunch orders in the Elementary School and for camping at Gościniec Jurajski to the following e-mail address: zakwaterowanie.wawelcup@gmail.com.