38. Wawel Cup


Ten countries!

We are happy to share some information about our international event: on 26th March we have already registered runners from 10 different countries and 2 continents. First registration came from: Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Norway, New Zealand, Poland, Russia and Ukraine. Together we will make it a real international feast of Polish orienteering!

The end of I due date

Let us kindly remind you that there is less than one week left to 1st due date for registration. What is more, please bear in mind that what determines the possibility of using of this discount is the date when the payment is already on account of WKS „Wawel”. Registration is fully confirmed if payment is arranged before 1st April 2019. Registration without earlier payment doesn’t entitle to use the cheaper entry fee. We are looking forward to your registration and see you in July!



Let’s go back to last year game! We are happy to inform that the first person getting the free entry is Aleh Pavjuchuk from SC Bug.



At the Wawel Cup 2018 we started (we hope a long) tradition of the extra race during the 5-days event. As organizers, we would like to make sure that you have a lot attractions. Such a „flavor” during the Wawel Cup 2019 is running in the corridors of the AGH University of Science and Technology. Eight classes, qualifications and final. A real blaster!

More information about entries, limits and fees will be available soon.

* Indoor Sprint is an additional race, and will not be included in the overall classification of the Wawel Cup.


Tourist Catalogue

Wawel Cup is an active holiday for many, as well as the opportunity to experience the tourist and natural attractions of our region.

In 2019, we return to Krakow, a city rich in various attractions. Especially for our guests from abroad we have prepared a tourist catalogue, with places that we recommended to visit!

WKS Wawel sports hall

This is year the accommodation offer in the WKS Wawel sports hall means a sleep on newly-renovated floor-covering (with the reception desk, showers and toilets).

You can tell from the pictures below that this was the complete renovation.

More pictures once the renovation ends (31st March 2019).

prize: 20 PLN / per person / per night

Please let us know if you are interested by sending an e-mail to zakwaterowanie.wawelcup@gmail.com.

Camping place – WKS Wawel playfield

In addition to earlier information on accommodation, we want to add that the camping will be placed in the WKS Wawel side playfield. The competitors will have access to showers, toilets and changing rooms located in the newly renovated sports hall. What is important about this location is that (similarly to last year) the afternoon prize-giving ceremonies after each stage will be held next to the camping field. More exact schedule will be available closer to the event start date.

10 PLN/per person/night
15 PLN/per tent/night

Please send the request for accommodation to zakwaterowanie.wawelcup@gmail.com.

Zabierzow Borough

We are happy to inform that the Zabierzow borough has just become Wawel Cup 38. partner. At the same time, we would like to inform that the participants living in this borough can start in two runs free of charge. We hope that these two days in Dolinki Podkrakowskie will be well remembered by every Wawel Cup participant. See you there!

All the best!

Let us wish all the best to women (not only those participating in Wawel Cup)! We wish you being in high spirits, good health and smile everyday! Happy celebration!