43. Wawel Cup


Primary School – Uście Gorlickie

According to your comments, we decided to organize additional accommodation for groups. As part of this year’s competition, we would like to offer you the opportunity to book accommodation in the gym at the Primary School in Uście Gorlickie (Uście Gorlickie 186). We provide access to showers, toilets, and the ability to charge phones.

Please send your request for accommodation (including the number of people and days of accommodation) to: zakwaterowanie.wawelcup@gmail.com.

The number of places is limited.

Price list:
– adults – PLN 25 / night
– competitors up to WM18 category (born 2006 and younger) – PLN 20 / night.



During the Wawel Cup, you can’t miss the opportunity to use the camping site. This year, the campsite will be located in the charming Zacisze resort.

The campsite will include space for tents/campers/caravans. There will be opportunities to use toilets, showers and a charging point. It is possible to book accommodation on the campsite with meals.

More info – here

Competition schedule

The part of you is already planning to arrive to the competition at exact time. Therefore, we are publishing the start schedule for each of the days. Good luck!

10th July – Model Event 3 pm – 6 pm
11th July – I stage at 3 pm
12th July – II stage at 9 am
12th July – III stage at 3 pm
13th July – IV stage at 10 am
13th July – Trail Orienteering 11 am – 3 pm
14th July – V stage at 9 am

Malopolska Orienteering Association

We are glad to inform that Malopolska Orienteering Assosiaction became the partner of our event another year in a row. We are happy that we can count on the expertise of members of the association. We recommend following their fanpage. There you will find information about other competitions organized in our region.

Malopolska Orienteering Association fanpage – here

The largest teams!

The first due date for Wawel Cup registration is already behind us. So as usual we present you the current list of the most numerous teams. At the same time we would like to remind you that club discount can only be offered just in case of registration and payment done by club.

1. Stowarzyszenie Team 360 stopni Warszawa – 27 competitors – currently 5% discount
1. UKS Azymut Pabianice – 27 competitors – currently 5% discount
3. Dnipro – 16 competitors
4. KOB Kysak – 14 competitors
5. KS Hades Poznań – 10 competitors
5. Klub OB Martin – 10 competitors

These teams are probably the favorites of the team classification. We keep our fingers crossed for an exciting competition!

registration list – here

Last day of I due date

It’s the last call! We would like to remind you that you can register for Wawel Cup in 1st due date only till tomorrow (2.04) midnight!

This is the date of the money transfer to the organizer’s bank account that would determine if you benefit from the I due date. It is not enough to complete the registration form only.

registration – here

Happy Easter!

We would like to wish you all the best for the upcoming Easter! Let this time be calm, joyful and full of hope and why not to wish ourselves be better to each other every day! Happy Easter!

*źródło – https://pl.freepik.com

Polish Orienteering Association

The 43rd edition of the Wawel Cup, like last year’s events, will be a part of Polish Orienteering Association Calendar for 2024. Thus, the runners participating in the Wawel Cup will gain 4 opportunities to increase their score in the Polish rank!

We encourage to visit a Polish Orienteering Association website and have a look at Polish Calendar for 2024. We warmly invite you to Poland!

Polish Orienteering Association – here

I due date – “Easter change”

Due to the Easter holiday (31/03) – and our failure to detect this fact earlier,

We are changing the Wawel Cup first due date. We are waiting for your registrations and payments until Tuesday, April 2 at midnight. We can’t wait to see you!

registration – here

Tourist catalogue

Wawel Cup is an active holiday for many, as well as the opportunity to experience the tourist and natural attractions of a given region.

In 2024 we invite you to south-eastern Lesser Poland – Wysowa. These areas are full of tourist attractions that can make your participation in our competitions more enjoyable! Due to the location of the competition near the border, you have the opportunity to visit the nooks and crannies of not only Poland, but also Slovakia. We encourage to have a look at our tourist catalogue!

Tourist Catalogue – ENG