40. Wawel Cup


Polish Orienteering Association

We’re pleased to announce that both of our next year’s events (Wawel Cup 6-10.07
& Wawel Spring Cup 1-3.04) are on the list of the biggest and most important competitions in Poland.

We are happy to cooperate with Polish Orienteering Association, and we look forward to broader partnership in future! Our common goal will be to promote Orienteering in Poland!

We encourage to visit a brand new Polish Orienteering Association website.

Polish Orienteering Association – here

Wawel Cup Finish Contest – results

We’re publishing results of the Finish Contest. Due to cancelling first stage in some categories, we are taking into consideration finish results from II to V stage. Congratulation for the winners!

1. Stanisław Pachnik 47 s
2. Rafał Suchodolski 51 s
3. Jan Bednarski 52 s
3. Piotr Lehman 52 s
3. Kacper Podworski 52 s

1. Marlena Wieleba 58 s
2. Kasia Ciszek 60 s
2. Natalia Gruchała 60 s
4. Weronika Biała 63 s
4. Agile Kevenaite 63 s

Photo albums

40. Wawel Cup is already behind us. There was a lot of sport emotions, which you can find… in uploaded photos albums! Have fun!

Wawel Cup 2021 – stage I (J.Kijak)

Wawel Cup 2021 – stage I & stage II (J.Mazurek)

Wawel Cup 2021 – stage II (J.Kijak)

Wawel Cup 2021 – stage III (J.Kijak)

Hit the Pit (J.Kijak)

Wawel Cup 2021 – stage IV (J.Kijak)

Wawel Cup 2021 – stage V (J.Kijak)

Wawel Cup 2021 stage-winner Prize Giving Ceremonies (J.Kijak)

Wawel Cup 2021 final Prize-Giving Ceremony (J.Kijak)

Wawel Cup 2021 Wawel Cup Party (J.Kijak) 

40. Wawel Cup Survey

Dear runners, thank you once again for your participation in our event! This is you who make it happen! Similarly to last years, we would like to ask you to complete a short survey. We hope that thanks to your help we can further improve our event!

40. Wawel Cup Survey – here

I stage – announcement

Below you will find an official statement related with today’s weather conditions and necessity to interrupt the interval start after minute 140.

– Stage 1 is cancelled for categories, in which the start procedure wasn’t completed before minute 140 (M14, M21S, M65, OPEN Long, OPEN Short, W12, W14, W35S, W60).

– Stage 1 is cancelled for categories, in which the start procedure was completed before minute 140 but the athletes didn’t reach the finish line before minute 140 (M21A, M55, M60, M70, W21S, W55, W65, W70).

– Results in other categories are confirmed and valid.

results – here