40. Wawel Cup



There is not much time left, so we are very happy that we can grant yet another free entrance fee in our contest. This time the prize goes to Tomasz Michalak from UNTS Warszawa. See you!

registration – here

Start schedule

Time is pressing! The majority of you is already planning to arrive at exact time. Therefore, we are publishing the start schedule for each of the days. Good luck!

12th July 2021 – Model Event 2pm-6pm
13th July 2021 – Model Event 2pm-6pm
14th July 2021 – I stage at 3pm
15th July 2021 – II stage at 10am
16th July 2021 – III stage at 9:30am
16th July 2021 – Hit the Pit (preliminary) at 4pm
16th July 2021 – Hit the Pit (final A) at 6pm
16th July 2021 – Hit the Pit (final B) at 6:45pm
17th July 2021 – IV stage at 10am
17th July 2021 – Trail-O at 4pm-6pm
18th July 2021 – V stage at 10am

Wawel Cup O-Shirt – orders till midnight

Wawel Cup O-Shirt order will be available only till the end of the day (9.06) – self-pickup during Wawel Cup. It will be also possible to purchase the O-shirt during the competition (with increased price; we cannot guarantee that all sizes will be available). So it’s worth to order it today!

Wawel Cup O-shirt – here

Camping – booking

The clock is ticking faster and faster, meanwhile … we are opening booking for camping place. Accomodation is located 200 meters from competition center and prize-giving ceremony place.* Sounds perfect, isn’t it?

This year on camping, you can book a box (8m x 8m) on mown glade. Camping facilities – shower stalls, portable toilets and „stream point” for charging your phones.

We kindly ask team managers for sending your reservations on zakwaterowanie.wawelcup@gmail.com. Reservation should include: name of the team, accomodation date, number of booked boxes, number of people and cars. The number of place is limited.

*Detailed map of „Wawel Cup Town” will be published soon.

Camping information – here.


The end of II due date is a perfect time for introducing the next “40th competitor”. This time free entry fee goes to Wojciech Chabrzyk from ChabTeam. Congratulation!

registration – here

The end of II due date

Let us kindly remind you that there is only one day left to 2nd due date for registration (31.05). What is more, please bear in mind that what determines the possibility of using of this discount is the date when the payment is already on account of WKS „Wawel”. Registration without earlier payment doesn’t entitle to use the cheaper entry fee. We are looking forward to your registration and see you in July!

registration – here

Wawel Cup O-shirt orders

Dear runners, we’ve got a true gem for you! Here goes the project for T-shirt designed for Wawel Cup 2021. We present you the unique version, which you can order just in the jubilee year!

Wawel Cup O-shirt orders – here

Bulletin 1

It’s time for the next version of Wawel Cup bulletin. You will find there some new information and updated version of additional event. We encourage everyone to have a look, especially those who haven’t seen bulletin 0!

bulletin – here


Finally we can present you the first Wawel Cup partner. Polish iconic orienteering web portal – biegnaorientacje.pl is supporting us again! You’ll see informations about our competitions on their facebook page and website. They are also preparing a huge surprise… you will see it in the upcoming Event Center. See you!