40. Wawel Cup


Wawel Spring Cup – bulletin 1

Wawel Spring Cup is planned to coincide with the upcoming CEYOC. The event will be organized by the team well-known for the Wawel Cup Summer edition. We hope that skills and experience gained in the past 40 years will help us to prepare for you a professional high-level competition.

The first version of the bulletin is available on our website for some time now. If you haven’t seen it yet, we recommend having a look!

Bulletin – here

CEYOC / Spring Cup – Model Event

One day before CEYOC we will organize a training in the form of Model Event. You will get possibility to familiarize yourself with the map paper and print. At the finish line you will get a printout with split times. The Model Event results will be published on our website. You can choose from 3 courses with differentiated level of length/difficulty. Can’t wait to see you!

Model Event
15:00 – 18:00
Price – 20 zł / 5 EURO

Model Event information – here

Training Maps

We have a huge base of orienteering maps from previous Wawel Cups.

For this reason we would like to offer you to perform orienteering training in the locations mentioned below:
– Klucze (Pustynia Błędowska, Jaroszowiec)
– Olkusz (Olkusz Sztolnia, Olkusz Dołki, Rabsztyn)
– Podlesice (Skały Kroczyckie, Skały Rzędkowickie, Morsko)
– Żelazko (Grochowiec, Hucisko, Świniuszka)

If you would like to gain access to our maps and organize your own training, please contact us via zawody@wawelcup.pl.

Wawel Spring Cup STAGE 2 – Rodaki

Wawel Cup brand is strongly associated with races in rocky terrains. Therefore the Spring edition cannot miss typical Jurrasic rock formations, cliffs and rock pillars. The runnability and visibility are both perfect and strongly impeded by dense vegetation. There is only moderate elevation. It’s time to challenge your technical skills at the beginning of the season!

Wawel Spring Cup STAGE 3 – Krępa

We have a very big pleasure to present you terrain description of upcoming event. The third day of the Wawel Spring Cup provides an opportunity to verify further navigational skills. The courses will be held in a terrain with only little elevation but lots of thickets and clearings. Full speed and sharp eye is a relay must-have if you want to win!

Municipality of Ogrodzieniec

A new partner has just joined us: this is the municipality that will host two stages of the spring competition (and also CEYOC). We are pleased to announce that the Ogrodzieniec Mayor will held a honorary patronage over the event. Thank you for your trust!

Municipality of Ogrodzieniec – here

Merry Christmas!

All the best for the upcoming Christmas from the WAWEL CUP / WKS Wawel – Orienteering Team. A lot of joy, happiness and also meeting again in such a fantastic group in 2022! Merry Christmas!


It’s time to present a second partner of the next year’s event. We are happy to announce that the Olkusz Mayor will held a honorary patronage over the CEYOC 2022 (as well as additional event). Olkusz is a city, where you will run on sprint distance. We can’t wait to see you on the 1st of April!

Olkusz website – here

Polish Orienteering Association

We’re pleased to announce that both of our next year’s events (Wawel Cup 6-10.07 & Wawel Spring Cup 1-3.04) are on the list of the biggest and most important competitions in Poland.

We are happy to cooperate with Polish Orienteering Association, and we look forward to broader partnership in future! Our common goal will be to promote Orienteering in Poland!

We encourage to visit a brand new Polish Orienteering Association website – here.