May 22, 2017

The preparation for competition is right now at full steam. So this is high time to introduce yet another Wawel Cup 36. partner, this time media partner: web portal which is the editor of the only orienteering magazine in Poland. The first issue of the magazine was published December last year and it’s still available for purchase. You can expect a 2nd issue this summer! This is a must-have for every Polish orienteering runner!

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May 19, 2017

“WSP Społem”

There is only 2 months left to our competitions. We are pleased to present you our next partner – WSP “Społem”. Kielecki Mayonnaise has been accompanying us for a few years and this year will again support us financially. See you soon!

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May 17, 2017


There is less and less time left, the clock on our website is ticking faster and faster…, and we are happy to announce the 236. competitor. This time the free entrance fee goes to Oliwia Zielińska, the PUKS Młode Orły Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki representative. See you on unforgettable Wawel Cup.


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May 12, 2017


Similarly to last year, we offer you the possibility to join our trainings. However, they will be a bit reorganised this year. The control points for all 3 maps will be ready from Monday noon (03.07.2017) so that the runners coming for Wawel Cup can get to know the terrain earlier. What is more, this year we do not limit the training duration to one day only. If you feel like running even more, every afternoon (or even at night) you may want to go for a training (the control points will be there till Sunday). All maps are located around CTA “Żelazko” resort (Center of Active Tourism “Zelazko”). We want to have two shortened classic courses (Żelazko, Śrubarnia) and one more challenging middle course (Grochowiec).

training maps: Grochowiec, Żelazko, Śrubarnia

Maps will be available throughout the Wawel Cup in the competition office. One map costs 5 PLN.

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May 11, 2017

Wawel Cup on Instagram!

Wawel Cup it is a 36-year old history so as we are now in XXI century, we want to move with the time. Therefore let us invite you to follow us on Instagram, where you can find photos from the terrain and parts of maps as well as you may sneak a look to know what goes on backstage.

Wawel Cup Instagram

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May 9, 2017

Wawel Cup – international event

We are happy to announce that the counter of countries that will join this year’s Wawel Cup already indicates 17! To our surprise (and contentment!) the latest registration was sent from New Caledonia. (To those not so good at geography, this is the South Pacific island). We can’t wait to meet our guests from Oceania and for Wawel Cup 36. kick-off!



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Apr 24, 2017

Awesome Bledowska Desert

In our Moday’s news 4 weeks ago we presented the information on the stage I terrain… and it is high time for news about awesome Bledowska Desert! Wow, how this time goes quickly – there is only 71 days left to the competition!


We have yet another gift for you for the Wawel Cup 36. closure. To those who has not yet seen our previous news, below you will find parts of new Jacek Morawski’s map – we have it complete :) Stage V competition center will be located near the viewpoint at Czubatka, from what you will be able to observe emotion-laden rivalry during desert-style handicap. Beside Desert, which itself is a great attraction, there will be interesting subtle contour details, running on half-opened terrain, a bit of rocks, and if you are interested: a bath in the lake! We will do our best to make the last stage both a stunning spectacle to watch and technically challening competition!

“Generally I like this terrain very much and I consider it as one of the most unique and interesting among those I have seen in Poland, so I really hope it will be a real firecracker! :-)” – Jacek Morawski

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Apr 19, 2017

Camping – school in Klucze

According to what is stated in the bulletin 0, we share with you the information about accommodation at camping. It will be located next to IV stage competition center, at the school pitch (John Paul II Elementary School in Klucze). It’s a great place to stay of you want to be kept in the loop of what is going on! The camping is located in the closed, fenced terrain with access to electricity and showers.

Prices: 15 PLN for tent + 10 PLN /per person/ per day.

Please send your accommodation related enquiries on e-mail:

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Apr 18, 2017

Wawel Cup 36. – unforgettable event!

Easter, Easter and it’s gone… But we are ready for hard work. Since there will be more and more stuff to deal with, we will be publishing more and more news on this website. Let us follow the latest trends and invite you to join our facebook event. We are going to post there the most essential information about the competition. You will still be able to view the remaining news on our website and fanpage.

facebook event link

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Apr 17, 2017


“As usual, Wawel Cup could not be held without Jura’s rocky terrain. This year it will be exactly the same….” The part of last year’s bulletin shows what is awaiting us in stage IV. Typical Jura terrain with quite a big number of stones, in addition: long courses with excellent run visibility. Something that Wawel Cup is already associated with! There is also an additional treat planned for some of the categories: the opportunity to practice navigation skills with a map scale 1:15000. This is an excellent chance to train before Autumn Polish Championship! Below goes the part of the old map, but the new one will be prepared for you by well-known and favourite map maker – Włodzimierz Dyzio.

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