Oct 5, 2016

Prize from ZAZU Sports

Do you remember this year’ contest and the excitement during 3rd stage of Wawel Cup? The results were very interesting back then! Today we are happy to share that the sponsor of this years’ Wawel Cup, ZAZU Sports company, represented by Mr Przemysław Patejko, which decided to grant one more prize. Touchless SIAC cart went also to Kacper Kuca, the host representative and the most speedy runner on friday morning. The prize was handed over to our talented junior during Polish Championship when he won a bronze medal for the night run. Once again we would like to say thank you to our partner and wish Kacper all the best in his sports career.



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Oct 3, 2016


Dear Runners!

Our website clock shows that there is still over 270 days left to the beginning of Wawel Cup 36. It seems that we have a lot for preparation left… yet we want to already give you the opportunity to sign up for the event. The admission fees remains the same. Last year alike, we are going to grant free admission for every 36., 136… 836…. participant ;)

During next few days we will be adding some news regarding the terrain, patners and event organisation. So we want to invite you all for the next year’s cup, which will be held in Płoki, Olkusz, Jaroszowiec and Błędowska Dessert. As organizers we will do our best to make each single one of you feel as if you were participating in the biggest Polish orienteering competition.

organizer of the competitions – WKS Wawel Orienteering Team

entry form

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Jul 20, 2016

Wawel Cup O-T-Shirt

Well, we must admit that the level of interest in purchasing our Wawel Cup t-shirt did surprise us! All of the additionally ordered T-shirts were immediately sold out on Tuesday in the competition office. Hence, we want to make the order available again. If you are interested in buying our T-shirt, please send us an e-mail to wawelcup@gmail.com end of July the latest. Its cost is still 90 PLN. We may deliver the T-shirt to you on all-Polish competition around September/October. Please contact us beforehand.


tabela rozmiarów


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Jul 16, 2016

Wawel Cup 35.

Wawel Cup 35. is already a history. Over 500 runners from 15 different countries attended the biggest competition in Poland. As organizers, we would like to say thank you to all who joined us this year. We hope that you enjoyed the event and that you are satisfied with the maps, courses and the level of organization so that we will meet summer next year. We trust that these of Polish clubs who have not came this year will be attracted by the unique atmosphere of the Wawel Cup and will join is next year. We have already listed the items we would like to improve so that the competition in Olkusz will be on even better level. We would like to ask you to share with us all type of feedback via e-mail to wawelcup@gmail.com. Looking forward to hearing from you!

See you next year!
WKS Wawel – Orieentering Team

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Jul 16, 2016

Photos and film

stage I – Robert Zabel

stage II – Robert Zabel

stage III – Robert Zabel

stage III – Marek Słoński

stage IV – Marek Słoński

prize-giving ceremony – Marek Słoński

film – Grzegorz Wójcik

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Jul 9, 2016

Results and startlists

Results from all stages You can find here.

Startlists for handicap start are available here.

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Jul 8, 2016


We decide to give touchless SIAC cards to competitors, who take part in all the competition – Katarzyna Ślusarczyk and Michał Kalata. Congratulation, yours times were great! Results below.




1. 0:42 Kuca Kacper
2. 0:43 Kalata Michał
2. 0:43 Biederman Marcin
4. 0:44 Makos Kamil
5. 0:45 Kalisiak Dawid
5. 0:45 Tsiak Aleksander
5. 0:45 Przyworski Kamil

1. 0:50 Ślusarczyk Katarzyna
2. 0:55 Murawska Marta
3. 0:56 Wieleba Marlena
4. 0:59 Lubak Kamila
4. 0:59 Durzyńska Katarzyna
6. 1:01 Bączek-Motała Barbara

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Jul 7, 2016


We would like to remind You about our contest for the best finish, which will be held tomorrow, on the third stage of Wawel Cup. The fastest man and the fastest woman will get touchless SIAC card. In the contest takes part competitors, who runs in categories: K14, K16, K18, K20, K21, K35, K40, K45, K50, K55, M14, M16, M18, M20, M21, M35, M40, M45, M50, M55, M60, K16-20B, M16-20B, K35-45S, M35-45S, OPEN, K21B, M21B (so all, from start number 2). In case of the same time, SIAC card will go to the person, who will be higher in classification in his/her category. In case of the same time, advantage/loss will be decisive,

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Jul 7, 2016

Two stages behind us!

We are after two stages in Bronaczowa forest. Running across valleys and bushes was certainly an interesting challenge for all the runners. Weather and frequency was good too. We are still waiting for the last three stages. Tomorrow, we will see each other on the WKS Wawel stadium. It will be an interesting day!

photos – stage I

photos – stage II

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Jul 7, 2016


Results from first two stages has been published in “Results” bookmark (menu at the top).

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