43. Wawel Cup


Registration statistics

2nd due date is already behind us! The start list includes over 450 names from as many as 12 countries. We are already looking forward to our next international meeting!

Below you will find Wawel Cup entries statistics.

1. Poland – 260
2. Hungary – 47
3. Ukraine – 45
4. Czech Republic – 38
5. Slovakia – 35
6. Lithuania – 20
7. Latvia – 5
8. Great Britain – 3
9. Hong Kong – 2
9. Finland – 2
11. Germany – 1
11. France – 1

registration list – here


We have a great pleasure to present you the main partner of our competition!

Wysowianka is natural mineral water. The extraction of underground deposits of the Wysowa-Zdroj waters began in the 18th century. Today, mineral water is drawn from 14 different estuary scattered around Wysowa-Zdroj – one of the cleanest Polish health resorts.

You can probably guess what will wait for you during the 43rd Wawel Cup!

Wysowianka – tutaj

The largest teams – update!

There are already over 450 participants on our starting list! This is a good time to update the list of the largest teams. Thank you for your trust!

1. Stowarzyszenie Team 360 stopni Warszawa – 37 competitors – currently 10% discount
2. UKS Azymut Pabianice – 33 competitors – currently 10% discount
3. Club SDS Salgótarján – 24 competitors – currently 5% discount
4. SM Gaja – 17 competitors
5. KOB Kysak – 14 competitors
6. Dnipro – 12 competitors
6. OK Jiskra Novy Bor – 12 competitors
6. PKO Harpagan Gdańsk – 12 competitors
6. KS Hades Poznań – 12 competitors
6. SZVSE – 12 competitors
6. UKS Orientpark.pl Iwiny – 12 competitors

registration list – tutaj


It’s time to present the next winner of Wawel Cup free entry fee contest. It’s Ákosné Nagy from Club SDS Salgótarján. Gratulálunk!

registration – here

Course parameters – update

We are publishing the next version of course parameters. This time you have the opportunity to analyze which age categories will compete on the same courses.

Start hour requests

In case of exceptional circumstances (simultaneous start in the sports and family categories; possible late arrival on the 1st day), please send requests regarding start hours to wawelcup@gmail.com.

If we can do it, requests will be granted.


We’re coming back to our free entry fee contest and we’re presenting you another winner! He is Oleksandr Manichev from Odesa Team. Congratulations and… we are looking forward to the 443rd competitor!

registration – here

Municipal Cultural Center in Uście Gorlickie

We are very pleased to announce that the Municipal Cultural Center in Uście Gorlickie is the next partner of our event. It is worth to emphasise that all 5 stages of this year’s Wawel Cup will be held in Uście Gorlickie Municipality. We should also add that thanks to the organizational support of our partner, we will organize the final ceremony in the amphitheater in Wysowa.

Municipal Cultural Center in Uście Gorlickie – here

Course parameters

We publish the course parameters for the 43rd Wawel Cup. We encourage you to take a look!

*The course parameters may be slightly modified. We will informed you about any changes as soon as possible.
**The course parameters for the youngest categories for the 5th stage will be published soon.

Parametry Tras – 6