38. Wawel Cup



The end of may and the registration 2. due date brings good news for Mikhail Saldatkin. The reps of SC Bug can join us with no entry fee. Congrats to number 438. and we can wait to meet 538. participant!


Start schedule

Time is pressing! The majority of you is already planning to arrive at exact time. Therefore, we are publishing the start schedule for each of the days.

8th July 2019 – Model Event 12am-5pm
9th July 2019 – Model Event 10am-3pm
10th July 2019 – I stage at 3pm
11th July 2019 – II stage at 10am
12th July 2019 – III stage at 9am
12th July 2019 – AGH Indoor Orienteering (preliminary) at 4pm
12th July 2019 – AGH Indoor Orienteering (final A) at 6pm
12th July 2019 – AGH Indoor Orienteering (final B) at 7pm
13th July 2019 – IV stage at 10am
14th July 2019 – V stage at 9am
14th July 2019 – „Ze sportem mi do twarzy” – International Orienteering Competition for Children and Youth at 9am
14th July 2019 – Trail-O at 10am

II due date!

Let us kindly remind you that there are only two weeks left to 2nd due date for registration. We are looking forward to your registration and see you in July!

In the meantime, we are counting down the days left to our competition and we are preparing more surprises for you! Together we will make it a true feast of Polish orienteering!


Dolina Potoku Rudno – terrain

The area located on the eastern side of the road is again hilly and mostly runnable. The road network is quite developed. Courses will run through the site of the former mine, therefore the area is rich in contour features (wells, mounds, pits, escarpments, ruins). There will be plenty of rocks and a lot of puzzles to solve during a demanding middle distance. Looking forward seeing you there!

AGH Indoor Orienteering – registration

8 classes, 5 floors, 2 races, 2 buildings!

We are pleased to inform that the registration for our additional event starts as of May. What we are planning is:

– prelims
– finals A in a form of handicap race
– finals B for all that did not get to finals A

Similarly to last year, we are competing in 8 categories. This time everyone will get to run twice! There is a limit 50 runners per category. The attractive prizes are awaiting the winners, the way they will be distributed depends on the number of registrations.

AGH Indoor Orienteering

Las Orlej – terrain

The end of April and the beginning of May are associated with intensive field works. The samples of new map are ready – time for a traditional description of terrain.

Las Orlej is a hilly area and most of the map is cutted by deep ravines. The road network is dense. The runability is mostly very good, in some places difficult. Lots of clearings and rootstocks in the forest. There are wetlands as well. An exciting mix is waiting!

Lech Free

We have very good news for you, not that unexpected to some of you! It’s time to present another partner of 38. Wawel Cup edition. We are pleased to announce that after each race the adult runners (18 y.o.+) will get a can of alcohol-free beverage – Lech Free! Getting refreshed at the finish line it’s yet another reason to come to Wawel Cup!

Happy Easter!

We would like to wish you Happy Easter – a lot of health, happiness and… to appearance all of you on the 38. Wawel Cup :D!


We are pleased to announce that the publishing house Compass (specializing in maps) has become the sponsor of our event. Our longstanding partner prepared a surprise for you from the rich range of its products. We encourage you to visit their website!