38. Wawel Cup


WKS Wawel Orienteering Team

Before we jump into presenting partners of our event, let us write a few words about the main organizer of the event. This is invariably WKS Wawel Orienteering Team. 37 years of Wawel Cup history is already behind us, it’s time for more!

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History of the Wawel Cup

38. Wawel Cup is a combination of modernity and tradition, that’s why … we would like to share this rich tradition with you! In the following album you will find pictures of archival maps, logos, gadgets, photos of competitors and much, much more! Stay tuned!


Let us begin information campaign about our event. For the very beginning, every third day, we will share the characteristics of the terrain of every stage. Let’s go!

10.07.2019 / LAS ORLEJ


Somewhat forgotten terrain nearby Alwernia will open the Wawel Cup 38. Las Orlej is an hilly area with varied runability and, above all, deep ravines. What an exciting beginning of the event it’s going to be!

*Don’t you bother – we plan to prepare shorter courses than last year and more refreshment points :-)



38. Wawel Cup website

Our Facebook events and the first bulletin edition were available to you for some time now. As of today our website will be available as well!

What we will publish soon is information about accommodation, next language editions of bulletin 0, news about our first partners and many, many more!

We can’t wait to see you all! Together, we will create a real celebration of orienteering!

Course of the Year 2018

Poll for Course of the Year 2018 is opened only till today’s midnight. Rocky Sprint final course was nominated to this contest. In this contest you can win attractive prizes. We ask you for votes on our course!


Kraków City Race

We are delighted to invite you to the second orienteering event organised by WKS Wawel Orienteering Team this year. What awaits you at the end of the running season (20-21st October 3018) is the two day event of sprint challange. First run in Krakow held inside the buidling (AGH – University of Science and Technology), night run in Wieliczka – the town famous for its medieval salt mine and the grand final – city race in the center of Nowa Huta! There will be a lot going on, see you there!


Facebook event

Wawel Cup 37. Photos

Wawel Cup 2018 – stage I

Wawel Cup 2018 – stage I

Wawel Cup 2018 – stage II

Wawel Cup 2018 – stage II

Wawel Cup – stage II (ceremony&football)

Wawel Cup 2018 – stage III

Wawel Cup 2018 – stage III

Wawel Cup 2018 – stage III

Wawel Cup 2018 – stage III ceremony

Wawel Cup 2018 – Rocky Sprint

Wawel Cup 2018 – Rocky Sprint

Wawel Cup 2018 – Rocky Sprint

Wawel Cup 2018 – stage IV

Wawel Cup 2018 – stage IV ceremony

Wawel Cup 2018 –  stage V

Wawel Cup 2018 – stage V