38. Wawel Cup


Wawel Cup O-Shirt Contest

38th Wawel Cup edition is already behind us but we are already thinking about the next one! Throughout the last 4 years, four inspirational designs were created for T-shirts to run in the forest. The season for summer start is in the full swing, so… we would like to see you in these T-shirts!

Please send the photos (necessarily in Wawel Cup O-shirts – may come from any of the editions) from Orienteering competitions to zawody@wawelcup.pl . The female and male runner who will gather the biggest number of competitions (one competition=one photo) until May 2020 will get Wawel Cup O-Shirt 2020 as a gift. Good luck!

Wawel Cup Finish Contest – results

1. Katarzyna Ślusarczyk 21+19+7+10=57
2. Katarzyna Ciszek 20+21+8+12=61
3. Hanna Sudoł 22+20+8+12=62
3. Petra Holeckova 22+24+6+10=62
5. Iga Muller 20+25+8+13=66
6. Zuzanna Gielec 22+24+8+13=67

1. Mateusz Dzioba 15+18+5+8=46
2. Michał Kalata 17+17+6+9=49
3. Moser Florian 16+20+7+11=54
3. Oleksand Lytvyn 17+19+8+10=54
3. Grzegorz Wójcik 17+20+7+10=54
6. Dawid Gładecki 19+19+6+11=55

Ze sportem mi do twarzy – competitor packages

Since the race tomorrow on Sunday is part of the “Ze sportem mi do twarzy” events, every competitor (WM10-20, without WM10N, WM10R) will get a package with their bib number and some gadgets. We ask the team leaders to pick up the packages for their club starting from 7:45 am. Having your number at the start is obligatory. Have fun!

Dear runners,

During today’s third stage of the Wawel Cup an unfortunate accident took place in the forest. As a result, death was suffered by a long-time participant of orienteering events, an experienced competitor from the masters category.
For the whole of our orienteering society it is a huge loss. Our thoughts are with his family and loved ones.

The organizers.