Podlesice – terrain summary

The area of third stage consists of three different terrain types. The north-western part of the map has good runability with indistinct contour features and is generally fast. The central part of the map is a hill with many rocks and stones. Terrain near competition centre is flat with many clearings and thickets and dense network of track. It will be exceptionally fast and short stage!

Rzędkowickie Rocks – terrain summary

It’s time for terrain summary of the second stage of this year’s Wawel Cup. Long distance (shortened) will be held on the other side of the road running through Podlesice. Start and finish will be located outside the competition center. As always, you can count on plenty of rock outliers, stones and all kinds of rock forms. The area has dense network of tracks. Runability varies from good, medium to heavily limited. Additionally, the southern part of the map will be marked by numerous ravines. The terrain at the western part is rich in open areas and has big group of rocks – the biggest attraction of the area (Skały Rzędkowickie – probably impossible to pronounce for not natives:). Be ready for technically demanding orienteering!

Official Wawel Cup O-T-Shirt

Dear runners, we’ve got a true gem for you! Here goes the project for T-shirt designed for orienteering. Those who bought it in previous years know perfectly well how good it is for running in forest. We present you the unique version, which you can order this year only!

special offer (order and online payment till 22.06) – 95 zł

payment in competition center – 105 zł

You can order it on Biederman Sport website – link

In addition, you can order a T-shirt via e-mail: store@biedermansport.com.


Thank you for trusting us. The 737. person (8. that receives free entry fee in our contest) is Aleksandra Poźniak. Congratulation!


Wow! We nailed it! We haven’t reached II due date yet and we are granting yet another person a free entry. This time the Thirty Seven is Lauri Sorsa from Hiidenkiertäjät.

Hotel Bobolice Castle

All competitors are also invited to take advantage of the accommodation offered by our partner. Hotel Bobolice castle is a place located right next to the center of the IV and V stages.

The Bobolice Castle Hotel is a real Jurassic haven where a wandering tourist, a busy manager or a family looking for some rest will find great hospitality.

Traditional architecture and stylishly arranged interiors convey the atmosphere of the Polish Jura. It’s enough to just look out of the window to be confronted with the history of the region. The Royal Castle of Bobolice, at the foot of which the hotel is located, is a majestic remainder of the rich history of the Jura.

While travelling back in time in one’s thoughts, one does not have to give up modern things such as telephones, televisions and Wi-Fi access, which are available in every hotel room. A comfortable, private bathroom with a shower will satisfy even the most fastidious tourists. The hotel spa offers a nice range of relaxation treatments, the perfect finish to a day full of sightseeing.

Special offer with breakfast for Wawel Cup participants:

*room for one 200 PLN per night
*room for two 250 PLN per night
*additional bed 80 PLN per night

To book accommodation, please contact via the hotel’s e-mail address: office@hotelzamekbobolice.pl and provide password “Wawel Cup”.

GPS tracking

We are happy to inform that during the Wawel Cup this year, the runners and fans will be able to follow the competition online. 24 GPS receiver will make this event even more attractive! Just like last year, during the first four days, the receivers will be given to runners from different categories and during final handicap we will watch the tracks from these categories that the rivalry seems the most interesting!

Bobolice Castle

We are happy to share that the new sponsor has just joined our 37. Wawel Cup edition: Hotel Bobolice Castle – the host of 3rd and 4th stage of this year’s event.

We also invite the competitors to the Bobolice Castle Restaurant.

Below some photos and information about the castle. See you in 40 days!

Bobolice Castle

Bobolice Castle was built in the middle of the 14 th century following the initiative of King Kazimierz the Great, as another fortress guarding the southern border of the Polish State. It was a part of the system of castles which defended the western border of the kingdom from the Silesian side, today called the Eagles Nests.

In 1370, on the occasion of his coronation, Ludwik Węgierski granted the castle to Władysław Opolczyk. He handed it over to a Hungarian, Andrzej Schoeny from Barlabas, in 1379. In 1391 Bobolice Castle was taken over by Władyslaw Jagiełło. The owners of the castle changed many times. At the end of the 14 th and 15 th centuries the castle belonged to the families of Szafraniec, Trestków, and Kreza, followed by the Chodakowski, Męciński and Myszkowski families. In 1657 the castle suffered extensive damages during the Swedish deluge. After the Swedish wars in the 17 th and 18 th centuries, Castle Bobolice began to fall into ruin. When king Jan III Sobieski in 1683, on his way from Wilanów through Częstochowa to Cracow, the meeting place of the Polish troops before the Relief of Vienna, stopped at Bobolice, he had to stay in a tent under the castle.

At the end of the 20 th century, the Lasecki family, the present owners of the castle, took up the challenge of saving this beautiful monument from total destruction. With the help of the best Polish scientists and experts, archaeological, security and reconstruction works were carried out in order to save this monument of national importance. After reconstruction works Bobolice Castle returned to its former glory and became a tangible reminder of the beautiful Polish history. All reconstruction works of Castle Bobolice were financed from private resources of the Lasecki family.

Restaurant Castle Bobolice is situated at the foot of Castle Bobolice, where mainly local products that delight with their Jurassic taste are served. Further, Hotel Castle Bobolice is also situated there, where guests will find both a busy businessman relaxing from the pressures of his job as well as a family looking for a vacation, and a tourist following his chosen trail.


We have the pleasure to announce the 537. competitor. This time the free entry goes to Mateusz Wiktorowicz from LKS Górzanka Nawojowa Góra. Let us remind you that the II due date falls at the end of May. We encourage you to benefit from the lower registration fee.