Available accommodations in Dormitory – Promotion

There are still available accommodations in the Dormitory. We invite you to submit the demand to June 21, 2015.

Since the amount of places is limited. The earlier you book the accommodation (via e-mail: zakwaterowanie@wawelcup.pl), the bigger chance you secure a spot.

Promotion for groups over 10 people – 10% discount !!!


Please send us information via e-mail (zawody@wawelcup.pl) if you are interested in using the transport organized by us between Krakow / accommodation, and the competition center.  We ask you to concluding details of the number of people, date and place of accommodation. Depending on the number of applicants we will introduce you the choice and the price of transport. We are waiting for the information until 15.06.2015.

Entries form

Whoopee! The entries form is available!

All the most important information you can find on the website. We will complement it onboard. We encourage to entry to competition. Check out the time of entries and special offers. If you have any question – write to us: zawody@wawelcup.pl

Orienteering pleasure

The third stage will satisfy every orienteering runner. The terrain is absolutely extraordinary, scale 1:4000 and point in almost each pit. There is around 900 pits on the 0,7km2 of terrain – globally unique! The attached part of the map suffices to describe it. Let this terrain convince you to join Wawel Cup! Watch out cause even the best runners may go crazy here!

34th Wawel Cup

We are very happy to announce, that 34. Wawel Cup will be held from 8 to 12 July 2015 in Cracow!

According to the new tradition we are preparing for you a five-stage competition, that will give you the opportunity to admire the beauty of Cracow Valleys.

Taking part in Wawel Cup competition will be a great opportunity to run in beautiful forests, to strain your muscles running up the hills and to solve a lot of rock puzzles. And all this at a distance of not more than 20 km from Cracow, so you will also have a chance to spend time on exploring the City of Kings and take part in social events.

We will do our best to make sure that the days which you spend on our events will be a possibility to compete at the highest level and also a time for relaxation and great fun.

5 days with map

This year our aim is to create such event that every day there is “something different” awaiting the runners. This is the offer of diversified terrains, interesting competition center location and high level orienteering what will make Wawel Cup 36. unforgettable!