38. Wawel Cup


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We decide to give touchless SIAC cards to competitors, who take part in all the competition – Katarzyna Ślusarczyk and Michał Kalata. Congratulation, yours times were great! Results below.




1. 0:42 Kuca Kacper
2. 0:43 Kalata Michał
2. 0:43 Biederman Marcin
4. 0:44 Makos Kamil
5. 0:45 Kalisiak Dawid
5. 0:45 Tsiak Aleksander
5. 0:45 Przyworski Kamil

1. 0:50 Ślusarczyk Katarzyna
2. 0:55 Murawska Marta
3. 0:56 Wieleba Marlena
4. 0:59 Lubak Kamila
4. 0:59 Durzyńska Katarzyna
6. 1:01 Bączek-Motała Barbara

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We would like to remind You about our contest for the best finish, which will be held tomorrow, on the third stage of Wawel Cup. The fastest man and the fastest woman will get touchless SIAC card. In the contest takes part competitors, who runs in categories: K14, K16, K18, K20, K21, K35, K40, K45, K50, K55, M14, M16, M18, M20, M21, M35, M40, M45, M50, M55, M60, K16-20B, M16-20B, K35-45S, M35-45S, OPEN, K21B, M21B (so all, from start number 2). In case of the same time, SIAC card will go to the person, who will be higher in classification in his/her category. In case of the same time, advantage/loss will be decisive,

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Two stages behind us!

We are after two stages in Bronaczowa forest. Running across valleys and bushes was certainly an interesting challenge for all the runners. Weather and frequency was good too. We are still waiting for the last three stages. Tomorrow, we will see each other on the WKS Wawel stadium. It will be an interesting day!

photos – stage I

photos – stage II


Results from first two stages has been published in “Results” bookmark (menu at the top).

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Long preparings to this year Wawel Cup now are completed. Today, with middle distance on Bronaczowa we begin our running event. We remind You, that competition office will be open from 11, and start begins from 15. See You soon!

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It is only 2 days left to the competition. We inform, that the last person, who gets free entry fee is Michał Kamiński from JW.  4658.