40. Wawel Cup


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The IV and V stage of this year’s Wawel Cup will be held in Racławicka Valley in Krzeszowice commune. We are happy to announce, that we obtained the permission from Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection in Cracow to organize the competition in the nature reserve. Additionally, we would like to inform that Krzeszowice commune will assume patronage over our event. Moreover, part of the financial aid enabling us to organize the event, comes from the Krzeszowice commune.

New category!

The clock is ticking and it’s only 100 days left to Wawel Cup 35.! On this occasion we prepared a small surprise for you: there is a new category added to this years’ competition. The route LongBeginners dedicated to those who feel fit enough, yet are not so much experienced in orienteering to compete with others in their age class. The long route will have the lower level of difficulty and greater number of variants. It might often be the case that it pays off to run around the terrain along the road. There is one thing we can guarantee to all of those who choose this category – you will be bone-tired!


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Military Sport Federation

This time we would like to introduce our yet another partner: Military Sport Federation. This organization unites various Military Sports Club focusing on disciplines important for country’s defensive capability. Thanks to their financial aid we can improve the level of our competition’s organization. We hope that with such exquisite partners Wawel Cup 35. becomes an unforgettable event!

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We are pleased to announce that this year our competitions will be co-organized by the Office of Marshal of the Malopolska Region. This institution supports financially the initiatives aiming at promotion of physical education as well as the organization of Malopolska’s various sport events: regional, Poland-wide and international. This time it is Wawel Cup 35. that benefits from this support. See you in July!

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WKS Wawel

Over the course of upcoming Wawel Cup 35. preparation, we would like to introduce to you our organizers and partners. Let us start with the main organizer: as each year it is WKS Wawel orienteering team. The event is organized by club members, coaches, team’s supporters and any collected income is spent on training purposes. Last Year, WKS Wawel club scored 2nd place in Polish Club Championship and our runners proudly represented Poland in various international competitions. Therefore, we would like to invite you to “like” our team’s brand-new fangpage:


Wawel’s website


35th on 35th edition

For those who have not yet seen our bulletin: this year you have the opportunity to win free entry for Wawel’s Cup jubilee (35. edition). ‘The thirty five’ will accompany us throughout the competitions, so each 35., 135., (…), 835. participant will join us without paying for entry fee. We do hope to distribute as many free-of-charge packages as possible. The registration form is already active for two weeks now, so we are more than excited to get to know who is going to be the 35. participant receiving free entrance


This year we offer renovated sports hall and campsite on Wawel’s field. Wawel’s facilities are still being renovated, but for Wawel Cup 35. we will be for 100% ready. We have also some good information for young competitors. Additionally, playground for children was built on Wawel’s terrain.

1. renovated sports hall of WKS Wawel – price :15 zl/per person

2. campsite on playing field on WKS Wawel area. – 15 zl/per tent and 10 zl per person

We ask for sending information about accomodation on e-mail zakwaterowanie.wawelcup@gmail.com

Dear runners!

Section of orieentering WKS Wawel wants to wish you calm and happy Christmas with your family. As Christmas gift we present you map with detailed placement of all the stages. And already in New Year entries form will be available for you and additional We will post Biuletyn 0 on our website.

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organizers of Wawel Cup 35.


Wawel Cup 35.


It is already over one month, when Polish championships were finished, and over one week after 34. Wawel Cup. Do you want to remember Krakow championships, chase on difficult routes, run in deep gorges and between a lot of Jura’s rocks. We have fantastic opportunity, now we want to invite all runners on the next year, jubilee 35. edition of Wawel Cuo, which will be held between 6th and 10th of July. Now we propose both well known and liked terrains of Bronaczowa and beautiful, and interesting Krakow’s Valleys – valley Będkowska and valley Kobylańska. One of the stage of Wawela Cup will be organized on new terrain, where orienteering competition has never been organized. More information will soon be written on our website. See you.