39. Wawel Cup


Wolski Forest – terrain

The terrain for Model Event this year is a mix of all 5 stages. Wolski Forest is close to stage V location. What you will find in the forest are deep and diverse valleys (stage I and II) and various rock formations (stage III and IV). In the forest you will find also a high grass. Runnability is generally very good. The road network is well developed.

2D run

Looking at last years GPS tracking interest, we decide to resign from live GPS tracking and go on with 2D run. In a special tent, all of you will be able to upload your track from GPS. Thanks to it we can focus on evening orienteering analysis and observe rivalry in all categories. 2D run analysis will be available on our website and fanpage.

Course parameters

All courses are ready, it is now time for awaited course parameters! Bulletin 2 and technical bulletin – soon.

Wawel Cup 2020

Exactly 370 days before next year’s event we are pleased to invite you for Wawel Cup 2020. Desert, Rodaki, Smoleń Castle, II Rocky Sprint and much more! Who are coming?

Municipality of Krzeszowice

A new partner has just joined us: this is the municipality that will host the first two stages of the event. We are pleased to announce that the Krzeszowice Mayor will held a honorary patronage over the event. Municipality of Krzeszowice is also a co-sponsor of Stage Winners awaiting for you after stage I. See you!

Municipality of Krzeszowice

Waste sorting

During this year Wawel Cup, we will implement waste sorting into the following categories: plastic, glass, aluminum, paper and organic waste. This information will be included in the bulletin and repeated throughout the event. We ask the group leaders to share the topic within their teams.

Competition office

The time left to the beginning of our competition is shrinking! For that reason, we are providing you with the competition office opening hours. On Tuesday, the office will be opened on the reception in renovated WKS Wawel sports hall, Podchorazych Street 3 in Cracow. On other days, the office will be located in the competition center of particular stages.

09.07 WKS Wawel Sports hall 18:00-22:00
10.07 competition center 11:00-15:00
11.07 competition center 8:00-10:00
12.07 competition center 7.30-9:00
13.07 competition center 8:00-10:00
14.07 competition center 7.30-9:00

Sikornik – terrain

In beginning of the last week of preparations for the competition, we present the description of the area of stage number five. The race, which will be held almost in the center of Krakow, will take place mostly in the forest surrounding the Kościuszko Mound. There is a large number of roads and paths and all kinds of contour details – depressions, troughs, mounds, rock walls. The runnability varies from good to, in some places, difficult. Lot of climbing – the relative height from the lowest to the highest point – 75 meters.

The end of the course will be held around the Cracovia hall. For this reason, we arranged a change of map scale for some categories. The last point on the forest map will be the start on the sprint map. Finish at Krakow’s Błonia, in the heart of the Polish kings’ capital!

Registration after due date

We are now behind 3. due date and we have reached 887 registrations. We are happy that we will be able to see all of you. Please be reminded that you can still sign up in the competition office… and we highly encourage you to do so. Bring your friends to the event!

registration list