40. Wawel Cup


IV Stage – Grochowiec


4th day of Wawel Cup will be about yet another middle run. The competition will be held on four hills and what you will find there is… a lot of rocky formations! Some of them will be placed on half-opened terrains, the rest will be hiddened in Jura’s vegetation. Please expect a challenging rocky middle!

III stage – Świniuszka


Next stage is yet another day with rocky fun! Following Wikipedia: Świniuszka is a hill, covered by loads of rocks and caves”. You will experience a short stage with a map with enlarged scale… and control points nearly almost every feature!

II stage – Rodaki


After a 8 year-long gap, we are coming back to Jura, to one of the most interesting and most diversified terrains. Rodaki is about the large number of rocky formations, half-opened terrains, as well as diversified forms of the terrain. Long distance run during second day will be the icing on the cake of next Wawel Cup!

I stage – Błędów Desert


At the very beginning, Wawel Cup 2020 competition comes back to Błędów Desert. This time in a form of mass start with many control points. Our cherry on the top is the location of competition center – one of the most attractive location in the history. The compass rose located in desert will stay in every participant’s memory for long!

AGH Indoor Orienteering being the best 2019 sprint course!

We are extremely happy to announce that Piotr Pietron’s course (AGH Indoor Orienteering) became the world’s best sprint course in 2019! The course was ranked as fourth in the general ranking, with only 10 points missing to the podium. Real blaster!

12th place in this prestigious contest goes to Marcin Biederman for the Wawel Cup fifth stage. Therefore, we can brag about two couses in TOP15! Thanks a lot to all the fans for supporting us with your votes and we promise to offer you even more exciting courses!


*Manuel Uribe Photography

Merry Christmas!

WKS Wawel Orienteering Team wishes you all the best for (and not only) Christmas and a lot of runners’ luck! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The winner of our Xmas contest draw is InO.Maniak. Congratulations and we recommend using the Wawel Cup free entry fee.

Course of the year – two Wawel Cup nominations

It’s been a while since Wawel Cup 38. ended. We will soon kick off 39th edition information campaign.

In the meantime, we are very pleased to announce that 2 Wawel Cup courses have been nominated in the Course of The Year contest (the best 2019 course) among other 30 courses.

– AGH Indoor Orienteering (Piotr Pietroń)
– Wawel Cup etap V (Marcin Biederman)

Plea to everyone: please vote! Voting is cost free and you can win attractive prizes including Wawel Cup starting package! Good luck!


bulletin 0 Wawel Cup 2020

Wawel Cup 2020 is about the return to Jura Krakowsko-Czestochowska; to the place which is unambiguously associated with Orienteering. We will start the competition with the mass start on Błędów Desert and for the next four days we will face interesting and diverse terrains with lot of rocks. Loads of attractions, additional contests, handicap, emotions, medieval castles, rocks and fore-most… good fun – this mixture will let every competitor remember Wawel Cup for long!

Wawel Cup O-Shirt Contest

38th Wawel Cup edition is already behind us but we are already thinking about the next one! Throughout the last 4 years, four inspirational designs were created for T-shirts to run in the forest. The season for summer start is in the full swing, so… we would like to see you in these T-shirts!

Please send the photos (necessarily in Wawel Cup O-shirts – may come from any of the editions) from Orienteering competitions to zawody@wawelcup.pl . The female and male runner who will gather the biggest number of competitions (one competition=one photo) until May 2020 will get Wawel Cup O-Shirt 2020 as a gift. Good luck!