38. Wawel Cup


No plastic cups at the competition centre

Driving around various competitions in Europe, we try to find interesting solutions. The idea we’re “smuggling” this year is the absence of plastic cups in the competition center.

Special water taps will be set, and EVERY athlete is asked to equip himself with a reusable pot. The taps with water and water will not be missing, you are only asked to equip yourself with the right vessel. When organizing the competition, we want to produce as little rubbish as possible. At waterpoints in the forest, we will still use disposable cups.

Dolina Kobylańska – terrain

Jacek Morawski: “Dolina Kobylańska is literally stuffed with various rock formations growing on its steep slopes. Numerous stones, rock walls and caves will be waiting on the majority of control points. This will be a real feast for people who value orienteering at its best.”

Dolina Będkowska – terrain

Wojciech Dwojak: „Dolina Będkowska presents steep slopes with a relative height exceeding 100 m. Numerous cliffs and rocks appears on the eastern slope of the valley. Westerns part of the forest is cutted by numerous ditches, and shows different kinds of runnability. In addition to steep climbs and downhills, get ready for interesting rock puzzles.”

Stage winners prize giving

As last year, we want to give greater prestige to the stage prize giving ceremonies. Therefore, they will be carried out at the WKS Wawel stadium, according to the following schedule:

11/07/2019 at 19:00 – decoration of the 1st and 2nd stage winners
13/07/2019 at 19:00 – decoration of the winners of the 3rd and 4th stage + decoration of top 3 at AGH Indoor Orienteering

And after celebration… it’s time to socialize! Evenings during the Wawel Cup are great opportunity to spend time in good company and reminisce about the old times. For this occasion, additional tables will be ready in the garden of our partner – Wawelove Restaurant.

The final prize giving ceremony, the culmination of the whole five days of running will take place on 14.07.2019 around 13:30 at the Błonia Park in Krakow. We can not wait to see you there!


We introduce the next partner of Wawel Cup with big pleasure. 38. Wawel Cup is another event that insurance company Warta will support us financially. Warta offers a wide variety of insurance policies, including property insurance policies and life policies. We are happy that their support will help us to organise the real celebration of Polish orienteering!



Thank you for trusting us! The 638. person (7. that receives free entry fee in our contest) is Marlena Borychowska from MKS Paulinum Jelenia Góra. Congratulation!


Juvenia Kraków

We are pleased to announce yet another partner of 38. Wawel Cup., this time it’s Juvenia Kraków Sport Club. This is the Juvenia that will make available their facilities to you to use the cloakroom or take shower during the last day of our event! Juvenia is mostly known thanks to their rugby team who ended up last super league season on 7th place. We encourage you to visit their website and follow “The Dragons”!

Juvenia Kraków

Official Wawel Cup O-Shirt

Dear runners, we’ve got a true gem for you! Here goes the project for T-shirt designed for orienteering. Those who bought it in previous years know perfectly well how good it is for running in forest. We present you the unique version, which you can order this year only! 

Special offer (order and online payment till 27.06) – 95 zł
Payment in competition center – 105 zł

The availability of Wawel Cup O-shirts during the competition will be limited.

– You can order it on Biederman Sport website
– In addition, you can order a T-shirt via e-mail: store@biedermansport.com

Product dimensions:

AIR+ System

When we organise our competition we want to mind both the tradition as well as modern technologies. Therefore, similarly to last year, the competition will be run with the help of AIR+ system. These runners that won’t have contactless chip, will be able to stamp the checkpoints in a traditional way. (These will be the only chips which will be lend by the organizers).

If you’d like to do so, please contact us by zawody@wawelcup.pl till 5th of July. The borrow fee is 5 PLN per day. Orders after due date will not be realised.