38. Wawel Cup


Twenty-one countries!

The end of registration 2. due date somewhat relates to yet another data we want to proudly share! 21 flags in the competition center, we are heading towards breaking all-time record! Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Latvia, Norway, New Zealand, Poland, Romania, Russia, Switzerland and Ukraine has just been joined by Australia, Finland, Israel, Japan, Canada, Sweden and Hungary! Together we will make it a real international feast of Polish orienteering!



There is no much time left till our event so it’s time for our annual Instagram contest. This year we want to show you the 38 reasons why it is worth joining Wawel Cup. This is us who will share the first 37 reasons, the 38th belongs to you! If you want to join the contest you should:

– post your own reason why it’s worth to join Wawel Cup
– mark our Instagram account @wawelcup in the post
– use hashtag #38reasonswawelcup

The most creative and interesting idea will win the contest. The winning post will be re-posted on our account and the winner of the contest will get the Wawel Cup gadgets. Have fun!

Instagram Wawel Cup


This is time to present yet another 38. Wawel Cup sponsor. Similarly to the previous years, we can count on the help from law firm Forystek&Partners. They are specializing in law services for large busisness entities and they are top-ranked among law firms in Malopolska region. We encourage you to visit our sponsor’s website.



There is not much time left, so we are very happy that we can grant yet another free entrance fee in our contest. This time the prize goes to Sergej Czernow from O-Kalinigrad. See you!


Wawel Cup 2019 – vision

Together, we will create a real celebration of orienteering! We have a vision of an event respected in Poland and recommended by athletes from abroad. Event with tradition, looking for modern solutions at the same time. Various areas, good maps, interesting courses and excellent atmosphere. We strive to make the Wawel Cup remain and become a „holiday competition with class”.

Listening to your opinions after the previous (groundbreaking) edition, we would like to take care of every detail. During Wawel Cup, we’ll take care to every athlete feels special!

This year’s event is organized exactly on the 100th anniversary of the WKS Wawel foundation. The celebration of centennial is another perfect reason for joy! Wawel Cup 2019. returns to the capital of Polish kings, with deep ravines and large rocks areas, a lot of puzzles to solve in AGH corridors, and above all… fun!

Trail Orienteering – date change

Due to aspects related to logistics and the attractiveness of the terrain, we decided to change the time and date of the competition in Trail Orienteering. The Trail Orienteering competition will take place on 14th July 2019 next to Cracovia Hall, right next to the competition center. Start at 10 am.


The end of may and the registration 2. due date brings good news for Mikhail Saldatkin. The reps of SC Bug can join us with no entry fee. Congrats to number 438. and we can wait to meet 538. participant!


Start schedule

Time is pressing! The majority of you is already planning to arrive at exact time. Therefore, we are publishing the start schedule for each of the days.

8th July 2019 – Model Event 12am-5pm
9th July 2019 – Model Event 10am-3pm
10th July 2019 – I stage at 3pm
11th July 2019 – II stage at 10am
12th July 2019 – III stage at 9am
12th July 2019 – AGH Indoor Orienteering (preliminary) at 4pm
12th July 2019 – AGH Indoor Orienteering (final A) at 6pm
12th July 2019 – AGH Indoor Orienteering (final B) at 7pm
13th July 2019 – IV stage at 10am
14th July 2019 – V stage at 9am
14th July 2019 – „Ze sportem mi do twarzy” – International Orienteering Competition for Children and Youth at 9am
14th July 2019 – Trail-O at 10am

II due date!

Let us kindly remind you that there are only two weeks left to 2nd due date for registration. We are looking forward to your registration and see you in July!

In the meantime, we are counting down the days left to our competition and we are preparing more surprises for you! Together we will make it a true feast of Polish orienteering!